95% of docs with smartphones use medical apps

By Brian Dolan
12:16 pm

Skyscape Medical ResourcesA report over at the Remington Report points to a survey conducted by SDI last fall called the Mobile & Social Media Study: Physicians’ Views of Emerging Technology, which we don't recall seeing previously: According to the survey, about 30 percent of physicians access medical information using a handheld device or smartphone. SDI surveyed about 1,200 physicians from 15 specialties in October 2009.

The survey found that Apple's iPhone was the most popular among respondents -- 31 percent of the survey's respondents said they owned an iPhone. Some 95 percent of physicians who used handheld devices or smartphones said they download applications to access medical information.

According to the SDI survey, the most popular apps among physicians for accessing medical information are Epocrates, Medscape and Skyscape -- in that order. Physicians are most likely to look up info about drugs, drug interactions or prescribing from their mobiles, while they reserve desktop computing time for looking up articles, abstracts and CME-related information.

Interstingly, 52 percent of those responsdents who were handheld users obtain medical info several times a day, while only 37 percent of those that preferred desktops and laptops looked up medical info several times a day.

More over at The Remington Report


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