Medtronic, Cisco, Carefusion join West Wireless

By Brian Dolan
05:00 pm

West Wireless Health InstituteThe West Wireless Health Institute (WWHI) made three big announcements today from its Open House in La Jolla, California: The Gary and Mary West Foundation have donated an additional $25 million to the institute, the Carlos Slim Health Institute is now a partner of the WWHI, and CareFusion, Cisco and Medtronic have joined its roster of Technology and Education (T&E) partners.

To date, the WWHI has added Qualcomm and GE Healthcare as T&E partners, which work closely with the Institute’s clinical and engineering teams on a variety of research, technology and educational initiatives focused on accelerating wireless health solutions.

“These companies clearly understand the power of wireless mobile devices and their potential to transform health care delivery,” Dr. Eric J. Topol, vice chairman of the board and chief innovation officer, West Wireless Health Institute, said in a statement. “While each partner is bringing unique expertise to the table, we know that our combined and shared efforts will generate creative solutions for improving care and lowering costs.”

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The $25 million donation from the Gary and Mary West Foundation brings the WWHI's total funding from TGMWF to almost $100 million, which includes a $20 million grant announced last month.

"It is partnerships like this one, bringing the best minds and innovators together, that will continue our strong leadership. I applaud the Gary and Mary West Foundation for their generous donations to this industry and to help the West Wireless Health Institute look for ways to improve our quality of life while creating new jobs here in our state," California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a statement.

The third and final announcement coming out of the West Wireless Health Institute tonight: The Carlos Slim Health Institute (CSHI) and the West Wireless Health Institute (WWHI) announced they will partner on the advancement of wireless health solutions in the U.S., Mexico and throughout Latin America. The collaboration will focus on the development of innovative technologies that will help lower health care costs and address unmet medical needs, particularly for the most at-risk populations. More here


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