Healthcare WiFi adoption jumps 60 percent

By Brian Dolan
06:32 am

WiFi LogoAccording to a new report from ABI Research, the healthcare industry's adoption of WiFi has increased by 60 percent during the past 12 months. ABI reported that cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) and wearable wireless sensors have also seen significant growth over the past year, but the firm did not provide any stats to back up that trend claim.

Wireless local area networks (WLAN), real time location services (RTLS), wearable sensors were among the WiFi-enabled applications or technologies driving growth in the industry's uptake of WiFi.

“WiFi adoption has helped overcome initial concerns about complexity and reliability of wireless within healthcare,” ABI Research principal analyst Jonathan Collins stated in a press release. “The growing number of wireless technologies and wireless applications being developed, piloted and deployed within healthcare further underline the level of interest in using wireless to improve the flexibility and efficiency of healthcare services around the world.”

For more, read this press release from ABI


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