Text4Baby 50K; Microskia trial; Mobile pharma

By Brian Dolan
08:01 am

Microskia mobile phone microscopeMobile marketing for healthcare not a strong opportunity yet: Pixels & Pills has a short and sweet interview with Manhattan Research's Monique Levy that is well worth a read: "The opportunity for healthcare marketers to leverage mobile marketing for patients in this time frame is comparatively less strong. As with PC-based access, patients predominantly use mobile devices to look for health information today; relatively few have or are interested in using tools or services to help them manage their care or benefits. What’s more, adoption and interest in health mobile activities skew towards younger age groups, which typically have a lower incidence of chronic conditions." More

Cell phone microscope trial nears: Microskia, a startup out of UCLA is set to begin trials in Africa later this year. Microskia created a $10 1.5 ounce microscope peripheral out of off-the-shelf components. The invention won numerous awards from foundations and the NSF, which have helped fund the forthcoming trial. More

Telemedicine coupled with E911 saves lives: More

PDX pharmacy customers can now enable customers to manage prescriptions via their mobiles: PDX and mscripts announced a deal that will enabled PDX Pharmacy System users to communicate with their patients through their mobiles. PDX counts 10,000 retail pharmacies as customers in the US.  More

Pharma opportunities: The folks over at HealthEd have a comprehensive and well-written feature on early opportunities for pharmaceutical companies in mobile health. More

Text4Baby cracks 50,000 users. (It actually said 50,000 women, but out of curiosity in January even I subscribed to the free service. I suspect I'm not alone.) More


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