FDA OKs contactless respiratory rate checker

By Brian Dolan

Kai Medical Respiratory Rate DeviceHonolulu, Hawaii-based Kai Medical received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration to market an updated version of its wireless respiratory rate monitor, Noncontact Respiratory Spot Rate Check 200. Kai claims that currently approaches for measuring respiratory rate are difficult, which leads this vital sign to be inaccurately measured, infrequently measured or inconsistently measured or not measured at all. Kai's device does not require physical contact with the patient.

"Receiving FDA clearance for our second wireless, noncontact respiratory rate monitoring product extends our position in the market and allows us to integrate our produce with a wider range of partners," Dustin Shindo, Kai Medical's CEO stated in a company release.

Kai Medical plans to enter commercial production of the Kai Spot 200 this year.

For more read the company's press release here (PDF)