Employers, evangelize! and other mHealth news

By Brian Dolan
07:58 am

CareCenter MD ECGEmployers must promote consumer health: The head of PHR platform provider Dossia, Colin Evans, has a worthwhile column on the employers' role in mobile and consumer health: "Informing and empowering employees is central to employers’ broader efforts to more proactively promote health care consumerism, shift toward high value health plans, and intervene directly to eliminate inefficiencies from the health care delivery system." More

Center for Connected Health inspired a project in Fiji: "I decided to do a voluntourism trip in April to a remote Fijian clinic, The Mission at Natuvu Creek... I decided on a design which would allow them to go completely paperless: a centrally located EMR published over a wi-fi network, accessed using multiple laptops." More
ALSO: Dr. Joe Kvedar's recent blog post on the Center's recently spun out startup, Healthrageous. More

Winebaum joins Epocrates: Popular medical app publisher Epocrates has appointed entrepreneur and investor Jake Winebaum to its board of directors. More

Value of wireless health is more than FaceTime-like applications: West Wireless Health Institute CMO Dr. Joe Smith's latest wireless health column is up over at MedScape: "Perhaps most importantly, the issue that most current CPT codes serve as reimbursement for telemedicine as a proxy for face-to-face visits instead of the more transformational concept of reimbursement for continuous care and improved outcomes achieved through wireless solutions." More (reg. req.)

Wireless-enabled ECG: Bothell, Washington-based Cardiac Science has unveiled the CareCenter MD diagnostic workstation for analysis of resting ECG and stress testing that makes use of a Bluetooth-enabled, wireless data acquisition module. More

IBM sets aside $100M to build, not buy: IBM is investing $100 million to build health technology tools that improve care and lower costs. More

Making apps easier to create: Google's Android App Developer aims to let pretty much anyone create apps for Android devices, including grade school children:


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