Yet another Pill tracker app: iPills

By Brian Dolan
12:38 pm

iPillsiPills ScreenshotThis is rather amazing: Yet another medical adherence app for the iPhone that helps users keep track of medications they are taking. The latest is called iPills--not to be confused with The Pill Phone or Pillboxer or myCommunity PillBox, all of which we have covered in the past. 

Stop me when this sounds familiar: iPills lets you set up pills you need to take regularly--at any interval. With iPills your daily pillbox can show you what you need to take and what you've already taken. Maybe this is iPills' value-add: Customize your pills' appearances so it's as easy as tapping a pill's image to tell the app you've taken it.

So, what makes a pill tracking application better than the next? The ability to choose a color and shape for a given pill's icon?

Emily over at posted a brief on iPills earlier today.


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