Q2 2010: State of the mobile health industry

By Brian Dolan
03:31 am

Brian Dolan, Editor, MobiHealthNewsApril, May, June. These months are typically a time for rebirth, regeneration and springing forth from the winter doldrums. While the mobile health industry certainly made strides during the second quarter of 2010, we didn't see too many corners turned or any obvious watershed moments. That said, there were highlights. Here's a shortlist of four contenders, do any measure up as "watershed"?

A mobile handset maker welcomed an app into its appstore that works with a Bluetooth-paired medical device.

A US mobile carrier inked a deal with a home health company that could shape its mobile health strategy from here on out.

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The FCC popularized the term "eCare" to describe the mobile and connected health realm of devices and services.

Oprah Winfrey launched a health-related mobile app.

OK. Maybe some were bigger deals than others, but overall the second quarter of 2010 sure felt like a time of gathering druthers. More prep. Working toward a future launch. Venture capital continued to trickle into the space and inked deals or partnerships among the industry players remained consistent.

For our second quarterly report MobiHealthNews compiled news from the past three months and grouped industry highlights into sections based on the prime actor: Payers, mobile carriers, care providers, pharma companies and more. We've assembled the venture capital deals and dozens of announced JVs, deals and partnerships between mobile health organizations and startups.

Head over to our Research section for more on our new Q2 2010 Mobile Health Report.


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