Mobiles dirtier than toilets, more mHealth news

By Brian Dolan
07:59 am

Apple iPads for all Stanford med students: The Stanford University School of Medicine plans to distribute iPads to the forthcoming class of 91 first-year medical school and master’s of medicine students as part of a trial program to integrate the mobile device into academic life. Stanford

Analysis of recent FDA/FCC meeting: Two issues that will have to be resolved here ... are distinguishing real medical devices from health related toys, and where an integrated and regulated medical device ends and a less regulated general purpose communications or computer network begins. The commercial health toy arena has a strong element of regulatory avoidance, which might be acceptable with clear and honest marketing, and some way to exclude date from such devices from being confused with actual medical device data. It should also be clear that a medical device performing a critical function cannot operate at the whims of smart phone and internet performance when we have ample demonstration that these systems are not in fact reliable. Medical Connectivity

Survey says: Some mobile phones carry 18 times the bacteria than a public toilet. Time for a washable device? 3G Doctor

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Prescription histories via HealthVault: SureScripts and Microsoft are making HealthVault users' prescription histories available for them to view online. Healthcare IT News


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