Telemonitors reduce mortality rates of CHF

By Brian Dolan
07:24 am

corventis3A group of researchers that reviewed 25 studies has concluded that remote monitoring of patients with chronic heart disease cuts healthcare costs, improves quality of life and reduces the number of hospital admissions. The review included results from some 9.500 patients. It compared telephone and remote monitoring to standard care.

The group that used telephone support were patients who provided health data like heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure and weight to a care provider over the phone, while telemonitoring users had their data transmitted via a wired or wireless transmission to their care provider. Within the telemonitored group, 102 patients died per 1,000 compared with 154 deaths per 1,000 under standard care. Telephone support and standard care had similar mortality rates: 112 deaths per 1,000 for telephone support vs. 127 deaths per 1,000 for standard care.

Lead researcher Sally Inglis "More work is required on the cost-effectiveness of telemonitoring to establish the best business models. These may vary depending on the local organisation of health services. The optimal duration of monitoring has not yet been addressed."

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