Android, iPad, iPhone medical apps round-up

By Brian Dolan
03:42 pm

PerfectServe Clinician for the iPhone: For those physicians with iPhones and an existing PerfectServe account (the company counts 14,000 customers), the new iPhone app from PerfectServe enables users to contact colleagues directly without needing phone lists, directories or call schedules; Call patients with their privacy protected, since only the physicians’ office IDs will appear on caller ID; Change on-call schedules that will go into effect immediately; and more. Press Release

Insulin dosing guidelines app for physicians: Novo Nordisk launched NovoDose, an iPhone app that offers physicians an insulin dosing guide to look up dosing guidelines and blood glucose goals for their patients with diabetes. Press Release

Novo Nordisk insulin dose app

Three apps from Clairvia: ShiftAlert Mobile, Physician Scheduler MobileConnect, and Care Value Management. The first alerts HCPs to open shifts that need to be filled. The scheduler keeps physicians informs of scheduling issues. More here: Press Release

PhotoBooks-powered hospital app: Texas-based Scott and White Healthcare released an iPhone app for patients that includes a symptom checker, provider locator, Rx refills, appointment scheduler and more. The app was created by PhotoBooks -- here's their standard app offering for hospitals and medical groups: PhotoBooks has updated its iPad EMR app to include e-prescribing: The eRx module includes a modifiable active medication list that includes the specific prescription information for all current medications for a given patient... [as well as an] active medication allergy list, and a warning system that alerts users if a prescription poses an allergy risk, or for example, if it is incompatible with an existing medication." Press Release

Walking tour of London's medical history: London's Wellcome Collection has partnered with City Stories Walks to create an iPhone application "walking tour" of London called Blood, Guts, Brains and Babies. It's a tour of the city's medical history: "The walk, written by Richard Barnett, author of Medical London, examines the fascinating history of medicine in and around the Bloomsbury district of central London, revealing common illnesses and cures, together with many gory, but fascinating details." More

Android camera-enabled Instant Heart Rate: A new Google Android app called Instant Heart Rate claims to use the Android-powered phone's built-in camera to measure a user's heart rate. Video below:


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