Kvedar: Three "wild cards" for connected health

By Brian Dolan
04:56 pm

Dr. Joseph Kvedar, Center for Connected HealthDr. Joseph Kvedar, the head of the Center for Connected Health, a part of the Partners Health Care system in Boston outlined three "wildcards" that face the connected health industry over the next ten years. Here's a quick redux:

How far will The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) push "true" payment reform? Health reform instructs CMS and other agencies to study other payment models, but Kvedar points out that these "experiments" have uncertain outcomes so payment reform remains a wildcard.

Will any new care concepts gain enough traction to displace the current "physician is king" model? If not care model innovations will be slow in coming over the next decade.

How much can employers and health plans "bend the cost curve" of healthcare? Can the financial relationship between providers and plans loosen up in the coming years?

Be sure to read through Kvedar's full column over at his cHealth Blog.


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