J&J's Mobile Health for Mothers, but what about Text4Baby?

By Brian Dolan
01:37 am

text4babyAs part of a five-year $200 million annual donation, Johnson & Johnson has launched a mobile health initiative similar in aim and execution to Text4Baby for the more than 20 million expectant mothers in China, India, Mexico, Bangladesh, South Africa and Nigeria.

J&J estimates that 1.1 billion women in those countries have a mobile phone today and are likely to sign up for its new program, Mobile Health for Mothers, which includes free mobile text messages on prenatal health, appointment reminders and phone calls from health coaches.

Of course, Johnson & Johnson is already the founding sponsor of Text4Baby, a collaborative effort between the White House, Voxiva and dozens of healthcare organizations across the US. There has already been an announcement that Text4Baby is going international, which makes J&J's move to provide a similar service elsewhere rather puzzling.

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