Blankenhorn, Fox, McKesson, more mHealth news

By Brian Dolan
11:54 am

Modo's iPad medical cartHalf empty or half full? First of all, if 40-something percent of consumers are willing to pay for mHealth services -- that's a good thing, right? Does anyone really have a problem with only 40 percent of consumers buying their mHealth service? Second of all, mobile health still has a raison d'etre: Improving health outcomes and saving the system money. Some reporters are missing that point, according to ZDNet's Dana Blankenhorn. ZDNET More from Blankenhorn: Why the government is wrong about ObamaCare and what mHealth has to do with it. SmartPlanet

The Power of Mobile Health: "Mobile was the final front in the access revolution. It has erased the digital divide. A mobile device is the internet for many people. Access isn’t the point anymore. It’s what people are doing with the access that matters," Pew Internet's Susannah Fox writes. Pew Internet Blog

McKesson exec weighs in on how health plans can tackle disease management: Mobile health is part of it. "Programs should take a more active role in promoting technology and social networking among participants. Expand the use of technology like social networks, one-on-one peer support, mobile applications and devices that allow members to automatically upload health data to the Web. Program communications should happen through member-preferred channels such as e-mail, chat, text, phone and/or Web sites. Finally, health plans must consider long-term member incentives and plan design that aligns with the goals of care management programs." Healthcare Executive

Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan mobile phone project aims to enable early detection of killer communicable diseases by using mobile phones to send data to create a "real-time bio-surveillance programme" enables the rapid detection and notification of potential health outbreaks through mobile phones, according to a local report. Lanka Business Online

CareFusion + InnerWireless: Hospital in Nevada deploys CareFusion specimen collection verification system running over InnerWireless WiFi. Release

Fixing in place mobile health devices: Modo has designed and created what it believes is the first medical cart that supports the iPad. (Other tablet like devices also fit.) The new cart is called Feather and is pictured above.

More MDs on Twitter=Greater mHealth adoption? Doctors' tech adoption influenced by social circle. AMED News


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