Motorola offers up rugged smartphone for healthcare

By Brian Dolan
01:37 pm

Motorola healthcare smartphone MC75AO_HCMotorola commercially launched a new rugged, disinfectant-ready smartphone for nurses and clinicians that looks to enable healthcare providers to perform a number of tasks, including ePrescribing, vital sign monitoring, placing lab orders, tracking specimens, accessing test results and more. The eloquently named MC75A0-HC enterprise digital assistant (EDA) also features a 3.2 megapixel auto-focus color camera that can capture high-res photos and video. The device will cost around $2,000, according to a report in InformationWeek.

"Ours is a one-device, multi-function philosophy for our EDAs and the new MC75A0-HC certainly fits in that philosophy of being very robust, having good memory for data management, and allowing nurses to access other systems such as the electronic medical record, an online drug library, and research on drug interactions and allergies for patients," Motorola's Vivian Funkhouser told InformationWeek.

The ruggedized device can handle multiple drops on concrete and exposure to dust and liquids. It's also designed to handle regular cleanings with healthcare facilities' common cleaning chemicals.

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For more on the MC75A0-HC EDA, including security specs, check out the InformationWeek post here


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