Dell bundles Android Streak tablet with EMRs

By Brian Dolan
01:56 pm

Dell now offers its Google Android powered Streak device as an option in its electronic health record (EHR) and hardware bundle for the healthcare industry. Streak sports a five-inch screen and weighs less than half a pound. The Streak features cameras on the the front and back, which can be used to capture images for use in EHRs, according to a report over at Health Data Management. Dell's EHR vendor partners are reportedly Allscripts, eClinicalWorks and NextGen.

Dell Streak"Dell unveiled its Streak device in early 2010 and released it in the UK in the spring of the same year, while a US launch occurred this fall. On the spectrum of mobile devices where laptops sit at one pole and smartphones at the other, the Streak hews closer to the smartphone side than most tablets on the market. In some ways, it’s actually more like a large smartphone: sporting a 5-inch touchscreen, Google Android and the ability to make calls using a SIM card, the Streak can feel like an Android smartphone for those who live by the mantra, 'bigger is better'. Still, its tablet bona fides are not bad either: the device’s memory is upgradable, its wide screen and keyboard layout provide ample room for typing and its front-facing VGA camera should encourage developers to write innovative new videoconferencing applications. While it lacks many of the features that doctors need, the Streak could become a contender in the healthcare space as more healthcare applications start to show up in the Android Market," Mehan Jayasuriya wrote in our iPad Vs. The Tablets in Healthcare report earlier this year.

Source: Health Data Management blurb


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