Ex-Geisinger CEO to head CMS Innovation Center; Adherence apps unpleasant; More

By Brian Dolan
08:21 am

Dr. Richard GilfillanAdherence apps "unpleasant" to use: The New York Times has reviewed a handful of medication adherence apps (seemingly picked at random), choice quote: "I tried some apps that remind users to take their medications, including MedsLog, Medsy, MotionPHR Health Record Manager and others. Appropriately enough, the experience was like ingesting medicine — an unpleasant chore, but good for you." NYTimes

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation gets director: CMS Administrator Don Berwick appointed Dr. Richard Gilfillan "Acting" Director of the new Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Appropriately enough, Gilfillan was director of the CMS performance-based payment policy staff. The CMI holds great promise for mobile health as its mission is to “innovative payment and service delivery models to reduce program expenditures… while preserving or enhancing quality of care." Hopefully the center will help new services gain reimbursement more expediently. Health Affairs (Background on hopes for the center and mHealth here)

RIM PlayBook booster: Dr. John Halamka named BlackBerry's PlayBook as his cool technology of the week: "I predict that the iPad and the plethora of new similar devices are going to be the emerging clinical platform of choice for healthcare in 2011. The latest announcement from RIM, the Playbook, seems to address my requirements list very well - it's small, lightweight, and advertised as stable/reliable/secure/enterprise ready." Life as a Healthcare CIO (Also: Check out our paid report on the iPad and other tablets eyeing the healthcare market.)

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