Round-up: Telemonitoring Diabetes; VISA; JAMA

By Brian Dolan

Visa announced a deal with Preferred Health Technology to use Visa's brand to drive uptake of PHT's A-Claim payments system at insurers and hospitals.

A study of 387 ethnically and racially diverse individuals with diabetes found that home telemonitoring resulted in significantly fewer deaths than in a control group. 

On the importance of recognizing patients are looking for a transformational experience.

Rather juicy piece in the WSJ about a JAMA editor calling a critic a "nobody" and a "nothing."

Aptilo hooks up guests and visitors to Columbia, Maryland-based MedStar Health's hospitals with wireless Internet access.

President Obama might not oppose taxing health benefits.

The Great Biotech Shakeout is near?

UNICEF uses SMS to distribute 70 million bednets in Nigeria.