Ranking PHRs; Why health is going home; More

By Brian Dolan
06:43 am

SonambaWhich PHR is best? The Wall Street Journal reviewed Google Health, Microsoft HealthVault and WebMD's Health Manager. And the winner was... none of them. While they all had their charms, the WSJ wasn't impressed enough to declare a winner. WSJ

Telus focuses on digital health: In Canada, mobile operator Telus is enabling some care facilities to push into digital healthcare: Ottawa Emergency Hospital, for example, "plans to order 3,000 iPads by the middle of next year. Behind this move is Telus, which is providing the wireless network and has aggregated the hospital’s databases on Telus software." Globe & Mail

Which health apps do you use? The Wall Street Journal asked "health bloggers" to tell it which apps they use. Seven people responded with mostly fitness apps or apps. The article is part of the WSJ's coverage of the Pew report we covered last week. WSJ

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NEJM: Why health is going home: A Cleveland Clinic MD, Stephen Landers, has penned a thoughtful essay on why health is "going home" for the New England Journal of Medicine. Nothing newsy but helpful backgrounder for those looking to freshen up on the drivers of mHealth and home health. NEJM

Mass market device for aging in place: Sonamba takes a mass market approach to senior care. Sonamba’s Wellbeing Monitor (pictured) was designed as a mass market device so that it could make use of existing cell phone sales channels, instead of going to market through aging in place technology resellers. ZDNet

Industry hires: TelaDoc created two new positions for recent hires: Michael King, who previously led sales at Healthways, is TelaDoc's new chief sales officer; Peter Bacon, formerly vice president of business alliances at Assurant Health, is now TelaDoc's new SVP of business development. Release

How much does it cost to unwire your hospital? It could range from $0.50 and $1.50 per square foot, according to CSI's Kelley Carr. Price is partially dependent on complexity of the install, but in some cases mobile operators are motivated to cover some of the costs. Healthcare IT News


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