In-hospital wireless monitors to see 13% growth

By Brian Dolan

AirStripAccording to a new report from Greystone Research Associates, wirelessly enabled in-hospital patient monitors will grow at a modest but steady annual growth rate of 13 percent between now and 2014. Hospitals that currently own wireless monitors will be the ones spending the most on them during the period.

“The benefits of wireless bedside and in-patient ambulatory monitors will prompt many current facilities to include additional wireless monitors to meet the need for new equipment,” says George Perros, Greystone Research Managing Director. “The flexibility of wireless becomes a bit addictive for caregivers who’ve experienced it, particularly where patient movement is common.”

Hospitals that have experience with wireless monitors will make up most of the spend because they have "ironed out the wrinkles" of wireless architecture deployments and spotty reception issues.

“There is definitely a credibility issue with respect to reliability for any facility considering wireless patient monitors,” adds Perros. “Hospitals successfully using wireless monitors have ironed out the wrinkles in their wireless network coverage and are less hesitant to expand wireless monitor usage.”

A few examples of vendors offering or developing wireless monitoring solutions for in-hospital use include: AirStrip Technologies, Sotera Wireless, GE Healthcare.

For more from Greystone, read the press release here