Modular EMR apps; mHealth Alliance; m-PERS

By Brian Dolan
02:43 pm

MobileHelpReminder -- most mobile users live in developing markets: An estimated 64 percent of all mobile phone users live in the developing world. The mHealth Alliance, Frontline:SMS on mHealth activities in those countries. Wilson Center

RFID improves hospital charge capture accuracy: Mobile Aspects RFID technology increases charge capture by 25 percent at Massachusetts General Hospital. Release

Device-->Phone-->PHR-->Backend Analytics: Continua Health Alliance member Ándago announces its new mobile health solution that collects patient data from a Continua device such as the A&D medical blood pressure cuff and sends it to a Linux mobile phone via Bluetooth, which can then communicate through the mobile network and register the data in a PHR such as Google Health to be analyzed by Open Health Assistant. OHA is Ándago’s care management platform. Release

How SMS bridges the deafness divide: "Figures released recently by mobile maven Tomi Ahonen show that SMS is the most widely used data application on the planet, with 53% of the total world’s population and 78% of the world’s mobile phone users texting." Interesting perspective on text messaging and communication trends between deaf people and the hearing population. Gadget

Developing mobile marketing guidelines for health apps and services? 3CInteractive's John Styers joins the Mobile Marketing Association board of directors for North America. Styers primary focus is on mHealth. Release

MPERS startup looking for wholesalers: MobileHelp, which offers a mobile personal emergency response service (M-PERS) that uses cellular and GPS technology, announced a new wholesale program. Release

Important space to watch: Modular EMR apps. A group at Harvard received a $15 million grant from HHS to research an iTunes-like approach to modular EMR apps earlier this year. One of the group's advisors, David Kibbe, MD, senior advisor to the American Academy of Family Physicians and principal at The Kibbe Group, has evangelized the concept. Healthcare IT News


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