Video Report: What is mHealth?

By Brian Dolan
03:50 pm

What Is mHealthWhat is mobile health? It's been a topic of much discussion. My favorite response to this question came from mHealth analyst Jody Ranck who told me in a recent interview that: "In order to have an eye on where things might go and in order to have some ability to anticipate or analyze the unexpected, resisting a precise definition for mHealth, in my mind, is a good thing."

As Ranck also rightly noted at the time, there is pressure from many groups for a precise definition of mobile health.

As part of our coverage at the mHealth Summit in Washington D.C. earlier this month, we polled close to two dozen attendees about their personal definitions for mobile health, mHealth or wireless health. What was core to the definition for them? Thanks to a lot of help from videographer Ethan Goldwater, MobiHealthNews is proud to present this video report: What is mHealth?

Watch a larger version of the video here

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