Mobile health startups mash-up sleep, weight, exercise data

By Brian Dolan
05:19 pm

HealthTriadDigifit, Withings and Zeo announced a "health triad" partnership this week that brings users an online dashboard that includes data from personal wellness devices like Withings' connected scale, Zeo's sleep monitoring device and Digifit Connect accessory wireless transceiver, which communicates with more than 80 different fitness sensors. Users of Digifit's new iPhone app will also be able to review high level data from Withings and Zeo, too.

"Because it is widely known that proper diet and exercise are the mainstays for a healthy lifestyle, weight monitoring and tracking caloric burn with a heart rate monitor are popular health management tools," the companies stated in a press release. "Only recently has it become convenient to measure and monitor your sleep quality and quantity, so the third piece of the health monitoring puzzle is rapidly gaining in popularity. By including sleep data, fitness enthusiasts now have a way to accurately measure recovery (Deep Sleep & REM sleep) which is key to optimizing physical training."

The Digifit transceiver communicates with more than 80 ANT+ fitness sensors, like heart rate monitors and foot pod stride sensors developed by fitness companies like Garmin and Adidas.

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“Withings and Zeo are leading edge pioneers in the industry and we are thrilled to partner with them. With the latest upgrade, our Digifit app completes the health triad puzzle by ‘automagically’ tracking the three most important influences on one’s health: exercise, weight and sleep. We do indeed have it All Together Now,” said Michael Williams, Digifit’s Founder.

If partnerships like this prove to be successful at driving users to various connected health and wellness devices, services and apps, consumer health companies will continue to buddy up and form their own micro-ecosystems. Fitness applications and connected devices have long served as examples as front lines of mHealth adoption. Makes you wonder if untethered PHR platform like Google Health or Microsoft HealthVault would have much to add if services like these band together on their own and form PHRs based on sticky wellness services.

For more on the new health triad: Read the release here
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