RPM is over-hyped; Cambridge Consultants' Minder

By Brian Dolan
02:14 am

CambridgeFuture plans for WellDoc? WellDoc has considered "including glucometer technology in cell phones and vice versa, as well as using location-based information to suggest menu items at nearby restaurants that would best suit a person's current blood sugar," according to this interview. Wireless Week

If you're concerned about efficacy, this is worth a read: Why remote patient monitoring is over-hyped. Forbes (The headline was previously "telemedicine" but the editor changed it.) ATA President Jon Linkous weighs in here.

100,000 food recognized and counting: Japan's NTT Communications' new mobile app evaluates the colour and shapes of food, then compares it with a database and counts the calories. Economic Times

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Dedicated hub for remote monitoring: Cambridge Consultants announced a new mobile health device that links patients and healthcare professionals any time, anywhere. The device called Minder (pictured) acts as a dedicated hub for peripheral personal health devices like a connected blood pressure cuff, for example. Cambridge First

Moto in Asia: Motorola and SQL View to provide mobile health platform for hospitals in Asia. Channel News Asia

Diabetes epidemic: Some 50 percent of Americans will have diabetes or pre-diabetes by 2020. Release

In case you missed it: Last week, CNN ran a piece on monitoring seniors at home. CNN