Classifying the mHealth patient

By Brian Dolan

Health Populi analyzed a recent consumer survey by Deloitte that found out:

- 54 percent of people are learning more about health risks, prevention, and mental health
- 66 percent of smokers are trying to quit
- 40 percent of alcohol drinkers are trying to cut back
- 70 percent of people said they'd participate in wellness programs if they received some financial incentive 

Here's how Deloitte broke consumers down based on their inclination in regard to their own health and health care:

Deloitte Chart

Health Populi concludes from the study's results that people are finding and looking for new ways to manage their health and health care just like they manage the other parts of their lives. While the broad trend is clear, it's important to remember that consumers are all different and segmentation like Deloitte's may help providers determine how best to customize care for each segment and then each individual.

So where does the mHealth patient fit in?