The first Continua-certified phone is water-proof

By Brian Dolan
01:58 am

Fujitsu F-01CIn case you haven't heard the mobile phones available in Japan are very different from what's common in the US. That's true for one of the newest phones unveiled by Fujitsu -- the F-01C, which happens to be the very first mobile phone to receive certification from the Continua Health Alliance. The F-01C is waterproof, touch screen phone featuring a HD video camera, a 13.2 megapixel camera, an "augmented reality-enabled location radar", a built-in humidity and temperature sensor and more. The Continua certification, in fact, is one of the last things listed on the phone's product page.

Continua is a connected health industry organization with 236 member companies that are working together to create guidelines that ensure connected health devices are interoperable. Fujitsu also announced that the F-02C phone is Continua certified, calling it "one of the first mobile phones to ever receive certification from the Continua Health Alliance."

Here's hoping we don't have to wait for phones with built-in humidity sensors to become the norm before the first Continua-certified phones hit the US market.

Fujitsu's product page for the F-02C explains that the phone "can also connect to medical devices manufactured by TANITA." Users of the phone can use a mobile app called i-appli to manage their blood pressure and body composition, according to the phonemaker. Both phones are only available to subscribers to Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo. The phones hit store shelves in Japan on November 19.

The F-01C phone also includes a walking and running app that features tips from former marathon runner and Olympic gold medalist, Naoko Takahashi.

We first mentioned Fujitsu's Continua-certified phone back in October when Fujitsu unveiled a then unnamed phone for DoCoMo subscribers at the big CEATAC event in Tokyo. Fujitsu’s phone secured Continua certification at the end of September and will only be available for subscribers of Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo. The medical data is transmitted from the device to the phone via Bluetooth, and can then be sent to doctors and ported into an electronic health record, Fujitsu said at the time.

"The world’s first Continua Certified mobile phone, created using Continua’s design guidelines, will also be unveiled this week at CEATEC. The new mobile phone will manage and transfer health data collected by healthcare equipment that is also Continua Certified. Japan has a strong interest in the health of its residents,” Rick Cnossen, president and chair, Continua Health Alliance stated in a release at the time. “Allowing consumers the opportunity to manage their own health helps to reduce healthcare costs, allows greater independence for seniors, and can help manage—and sometimes prevent—chronic illnesses.”

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