Philips to push into wireless in-hospital monitoring

By Brian Dolan
10:37 am

AirStrip Physio-ControlRoyal Philips Electronics' medical arm is planning a push into wireless monitoring of patients in hospital wards, according to a report from the Associated Press. The report characterized the market as "largely untapped."

According to a report from Greystone Research Associates released in November, wirelessly enabled in-hospital patient monitors will grow at a modest but steady annual growth rate of 13 percent between now and 2014. Hospitals that currently own wireless monitors will be the ones spending the most on them during the period.

Philips medical chief Steve Rusckowski told the AP that the company will soon introduce a system of sensors that transmit information wirelessly from the patient to a nearby monitor that could alert nurses if vital signs worsen. According to the AP report, about 40 percent of hospital beds currently use monitors and those are not in general wards -- mostly surgery or intensive care settings.

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“The benefits of wireless bedside and in-patient ambulatory monitors will prompt many current facilities to include additional wireless monitors to meet the need for new equipment,” says George Perros, Greystone Research Managing Director. “The flexibility of wireless becomes a bit addictive for caregivers who’ve experienced it, particularly where patient movement is common.”

GE Healthcare, Philips, Welch-Allyn, Draeger and startups like AirStrip Technologies are already in the wireless monitoring in-hospital market. Sotera Wireless is pre-FDA approval, but focused on this market, too.) Perhaps a more aggressive push into the market by Philips will drive more adoption among hospitals who have yet to deploy wireless monitoring in-house and that will tick up overall adoption past Greystone's estimated 13 percent annual growth rate.

Read this article for more from the AP report


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