Mike Miliard

By Mike Miliard 03:18 pmSeptember 17, 2019
SANTA CLARA — At the 13th Health 2.0 Annual Fall Conference here on Tuesday, co-founder Indu Subaiya thought back to its founding dream, way back in 2007: a healthcare space shaped by technologies that are user-centered, data-driven and play well with each other. "Fast-forward 13 years and in many ways that dream is reality," she said. Innovative, consumer-facing apps and platforms are...
The white house.
By Mike Miliard 03:59 pmJune 24, 2019
The White House wants "explainable" systems for healthcare, not black boxes, and wants research into new technologies that are "reliable, dependable, safe, and trustworthy."
Blockchain illustration
By Mike Miliard 05:14 pmDecember 28, 2018
Federal officials are working on policy about the emerging technology deliberately, helping to set expectations for near- and medium-term healthcare applications.
By Mike Miliard 05:55 pmDecember 14, 2018
Could distributed ledger technology offer the promise of real-time EHR updates, seamless interoperability and protection from from ransomware?
By Mike Miliard 12:18 pmDecember 6, 2018
In working with MediBloc, MGH is said to be interested in the ledger technology's suitability for storage and exchange of patient data, supplementing its EHR.
By Mike Miliard 01:25 pmSeptember 28, 2018
Artesia General Hospital stays focused on building partnerships where it can, optimizing its EHR and enhancing patient and physician experience.
By Mike Miliard 01:23 pmSeptember 27, 2018
Springhill Medical Center keeps a focus on physician and patient engagement as it works to drive process improvements and stay competitive.
By Mike Miliard 08:29 amSeptember 27, 2018
Automation, customization and – above all – an ability to show value and ROI are must-haves for hospitals looking to make promising tech take root.