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By  Mike Miliard 09:21 am September 20, 2018
When developing, funding, scaling and evolving innovation projects, it's key to gain insights from around the world – and to keep consumer top of mind, HIMSS innovation expert Ian Hoffberg says.
By  Mike Miliard 07:38 am September 18, 2018
Five roles to develop and four rules to follow for effective and secure data governance in the age of AI, analytics, pop health and precision medicine.
By  Mike Miliard 05:40 pm September 5, 2018
Add this to blockchain’s growing list of innovative use cases: tracking prescription and population health data.
Screensnaps of Whats App, iMessage and Facebook Messenger.

Screensnaps of Whats App, iMessage and Facebook Messenger.

By  Mike Miliard 05:11 pm August 30, 2018
A majority of  UK National Health Service trusts have no official policies to discourage the use of consumer messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger among clinicians and staff, according to a new CommonTime report. The study found that despite the clear privacy risks posed by those apps, many trusts also don't provide other more secure alternatives for staff to use. This is just...
Harris Healthcare, Iatric Systems logos
By  Mike Miliard 04:29 pm August 30, 2018
Harris Healthcare has acquired Iatric Systems for an undisclosed sum. Boxford, Massachusetts-based Iatric, which specializes in integration tools to help hospitals optimize their electronic health records and other IT infrastructure, will operate as an independent business unit of Harris, officials said. Iatric President and Chief Operating Office Frank Fortner who has been with the company for...
view from South Boston, Massachusetts

Humana Studio H will open its South Boston location in the summer of 2019.

By  Mike Miliard 03:08 pm August 28, 2018
Humana is launching a new center for digital health and analytics, which could eventually employ about 250 people to develop new data-driven technologies to advance its healthcare initiatives for plan members. Humana Studio H will be located in Boston's Seaport District. Heather Cox will lead the effort as Humana's newly minted chief digital health and analytics officer, reporting to CEO Bruce...
By  Mike Miliard 12:04 pm August 22, 2018
Patient-mediated exchange has been championed more and more recently as one potential answer to the long-vexing problem of interoperability. A recent report from RAND supports that idea, and shows how the smartphones in our pockets could also be a boon for more accurate patient matching across providers. Patient matching is a huge challenge. Earlier this year, a who's-who of healthcare industry...
Exterior photo of MIT's CSAIL institute in Stata Center in Boston

MIT's CSAIL institute is located in the Stata Center. Credit: Google Maps

By  Mike Miliard 02:21 pm August 20, 2018
ReMix, a new technology in the works at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, seeks to make progress toward a new paradigm of treatment – one that's less reliant on endoscopy and surgery, but instead relies on sensors and what scientists call an "in-body GPS" to help make diagnoses and guide drug administration. The goal, researchers said, is a new approach to patient...