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By  Sara Mageit 06:05 am December 18, 2020
CUMBRIA SEXUAL HEALTH SERVICE DIGITISES BOOKINGS Cumbria Sexual Health Service (CSHS) will offer its patients the ability to book appointments and order STI self-testing kits online. The initiative is expected to become available to patients in the New Year, while plans form part of an project designed to improve access and reduce pressure on clinic staff. Once live, patients will register on...
Ask NHS app

Credit: Ask NHS 

By  Sara Mageit 09:01 am December 17, 2020
A pilot project run in collaboration with GP practices in Buckinghamshire, Brent, and Greenwich, enabled patients to use the Ask NHS app to self-check eligibility and quickly make appointments for flu jabs.  WHY IT MATTERS The Ask NHS app lets users check symptoms, book clinician appointments, access self-care resources, and connect with live video consultations. Sophisticated Natural Language...
Babylon Health, Ada Health, BMJ Open

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By  Sara Mageit 01:52 am December 16, 2020
A new peer-reviewed study testing the coverage, accuracy and safety of eight online symptom assessment apps has found that the performance of apps varies widely, with only a handful performing close to the levels of human general practitioners (GPs). Published today in BMJ Open, the study is the first of its kind to be published since 2015 and was conducted by a team of doctors and scientists led...
DreamLab, COVID-19
By  Sara Mageit 10:12 am December 14, 2020
Imperial College London and the Vodafone Foundation charity are running a study on COVID-19 research called Corona-AI, to publish in a peer-reviewed journal. Volunteers donate their smartphone computing time to the DreamLab app by simply downloading the app and letting it crunch thousands of calculations while they sleep. By creating a virtual supercomputer, the app searches through digital...
GSK Consumer Healthcare
By  Sara Mageit 06:39 am December 14, 2020
GSK Consumer Healthcare and healthcare consultancy Vintura have announced the summary report, The Health-Economic Benefits of Self-care in Europe. The study, which is based on insights collected in a literature research with around 300 scanned articles and interviews with relevant stakeholders, found four key barriers that Europe must address in order to improve everyday health: health literacy,...
dacadoo, fitness
By  Sara Mageit 04:36 am December 10, 2020
Zurich-based insurtech company, dacadoo has launched 'the ultimate lifestyle navigator', helping people live healthier lives through a combination of motivational techniques from behavioural science, gamification principles and social networking. The platform also uses AI and automated coaching to guide people towards increased fitness and improved diet choices. WHY IT MATTERS Globally, leading..., AstraZeneca

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By  Sara Mageit 09:53 am December 8, 2020
Global biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca has announced a partnership through its Emerging Markets Health Innovation Hubs programme, with India-based AI solution provider, The partnership aims to to integrate AI solutions for the early detection of lung cancer in patients across AstraZeneca’s Emerging Markets regions, covering Latin America, Asia and the Middle East & Africa. WHY...
COVID-19 vaccine
By  Sara Mageit 06:06 am December 8, 2020
Lincolnshire-based provider of corporate health metrics and tracking systems, Well.Me, has announced the launch of a new set of physical and digital systems to support COVID-19 track and trace and vaccine roll-out monitoring. WHY IT MATTERS The systems will allow for symptom monitoring and localised “track and trace” operations within workplace environments, as well as providing a database of...
Infermedica, AI, Specialist Recommender

Credit: Indermedica Specialist Recommender

By  Sara Mageit 09:25 am December 7, 2020
Poland-based AI platform for preliminary diagnosis, Infermedica has announced the launch of its new feature, Specialist Recommender. The platform was developed over six months, in response to clients’ requests to provide patients with more tailored advice in addition to initial triaging suggestions. The function enables healthcare and insurance providers to provide patients with a recommendation...
Dementia United, Mersey Care NHS, Healthware, Make Helsinki

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By  Sara Mageit 02:16 am December 4, 2020
NEW DEMENTIA UNITED APP   Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership's dementia programme, Dementia United, has created a new app for people living with dementia. The app also aims to make the region the best place to live if you have dementia, or are caring for someone with the condition. Working in partnership with marketing agency, Social Sense, they have developed the Greater...