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Nudge, COVID-19,

Credit: Nudge wristband device 

By  Sara Mageit 10:07 am November 16, 2020
UK tech company PIVOT1080 has launched a smart wristband to train people to stop touching their face, a common transmission route for COVID-19. The ‘Nudge’ band uses behavioural science and AI to differentiate between over 1,000 different hand movements and to psychologically 'nudge' the wearer. Using gesture recognition to calculate hand movements, the device vibrates when it identifies the...
women's health, fertility app, Apricity
By  Sara Mageit 09:02 am November 13, 2020
Virtual fertility clinic, Apricity has launched an online fertility predictor tool designed to predict a woman's chances of conceiving naturally based on information input about her lifestyle choices. The tool combines a woman’s age with questions about her lifestyle choices via a short quiz in order to predict her chances of conceiving naturally, with the result displayed as a percentage. Users...
Moodbeam One, Mental health tracking

Credit: Moodbeam One device 

By  Sara Mageit 05:54 am November 10, 2020
A partnership between Hull-based health tech brand, Moodbeam and Agencia’s Primary Care Direct aims to trial a self-reporting wellbeing tool to support GPs and clinical staff. Amicus Health, a GP practice in Devon, will trial the Moodbeam One wearable device for eight weeks to monitor the mood of their 70 non-clinical and clinical staff. Users at the practice will be able to log how they are...
Taliaz PREDICTIX, digital mental health,

Credit: Taliaz PREDICTIX software

By  Sara Mageit 04:42 am November 10, 2020
Israel-based mental health startup, Taliaz has been awarded €2.3 million ($2.7 million) funding from the European Union (EU) Horizon 2020 programme. Taliaz uses AI and data science for its mental health treatment management and decision-support platform, PREDICTIX. WHY IT MATTERS Today, more than 84 million people suffer from mental health disorders in Europe. According to The Lancet Infectious...

Credit: NuvoAir Home platform 

By  Sara Mageit 10:30 am November 9, 2020
Studies on paediatric pulmonology from the UK and Sweden have demonstrated that both young and adult patients with respiratory disease can achieve good quality spirometry at home, without clinical supervision, when using the NuvoAir Home platform. The platform includes in-app coaching which provides feedback on techniques to support quality measurements. Other key findings show that patient...
Contact tracing, COVID-19

Credit: Compass app to help NHS prevent hospital illnesses 

By  Sara Mageit 05:29 am November 6, 2020
LATVIA'S COVID-19 APP CONNECTS TO EU'S INTEROPERABILITY SYSTEM Latvia's contact tracing app, Apturi Covid (Stop Covid) has connected to the interoperability system for other contact tracing apps in the European Commission. This will allow the Apturi Covid app to warn and notify a user if they have come into contact with an COVID-19 infected person when in Germany, Italy, Ireland and Spain. The...
Medica, Global Diagnostics Ireland,
By  Sara Mageit 06:10 am November 5, 2020
UK teleradiology company, Medica has announced the acquisition of Global Diagnostics Ireland (GDI), the market leader for teleradiology services in Ireland, for an initial cash consideration of €16 million (£14.5 million) from private Irish healthcare group, Centric Health. WHY IT MATTERS This acquisition is in line with Medica’s revised strategy announced in March this year to diversify revenue...
54gene, Nigeria
By  Sara Mageit 11:44 am November 4, 2020
Lagos-based health tech precision medicine research company, 54gene, has launched its Clinical Research Programme Services (CPS) division.  The new business division will provide end-to-end clinical development services, intelligence, logistics, and infrastructure to enable the conduct of clinical trials in Africa, starting out of Nigeria. WHY IT MATTERS 54gene’s Clinical Programme Services...
Boots, COVID-19 testing,
By  Sara Mageit 05:52 am October 28, 2020
UK high street pharmacy, Boots is launching a new in-store COVID-19 nasal swab testing service to people who are not showing symptoms. The technology has been developed by LumiraDx, who is also providing supplies to the NHS in Scotland. The Lumira private COVID-19 test will cost £120 and will be available in 10 stores from this week, before rolling out to 50 Boots stores throughout November. WHY...
Digital Therapeutics, Juniper Research,
By  Sara Mageit 05:18 am October 28, 2020
A study from UK-based analyst house, Juniper Research has found that the number of people using digital therapeutics and wellness apps will grow from 627 million in 2020 to more than 1.4 billion in 2025. This follows regulators responding to COVID-19 by loosening rules that had previously delayed the work of digital therapeutics developers. WHY IT MATTERS The study, called Digital Therapeutics...