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By  Sara Mageit 08:39 am October 27, 2020
London-based femtech company, Clementine has nabbed £1 million of funding from investors Fortunis Capital, to expand on its goal of improving the emotional wellbeing of women. The femtech company provides virtual hypnotherapy sessions and wellness products to empower women to feel more confident. WHY IT MATTERS COVID-19 has had a disproportionate effect on the mental wellness of women. Evidence...
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By  Sara Mageit 07:15 am October 23, 2020
People in England and Wales being told to self-isolate by the NHS contact tracing app have not been able to claim a £500 grant from the government. A flaw in the process for claiming the financial support means they can only claim the support if they are given a code via the manual contact tracing process. The app's privacy-protecting design means that anyone who is told to isolate by the app,...
PainChek, COVID-19, testing centre

Credit: PainChek 

By  Sara Mageit 04:44 am October 23, 2020
PAINCHEK ANNOUNCES CARE HOME CAMPAIGN Responding to the NHSX pledge to give 11,000 iPads to UK care homes, AI-powered pain assessment company, PainChek, has announced a one-off campaign to help UK care homes benefit from its technology. PainChek is offering all UK care homes a one-off unique voucher of up to £500 to cover the cost of product training for their staff so they can use the PainChek...
Udok, remote care, South Africa
By  Sara Mageit 07:19 am October 22, 2020
Paarl-based digital healthcare company, Udok, has raised R10 million (€518k) from local venture capital firm, FinX Capital, to expand their offering across the country. Udok runs a Connected Care Platform using proprietary intellectual property developed in-house. WHY IT MATTERS Udok has been providing remote consultations directly to patients and via pharmacy clinics for the past year and has...
PocDoc, BioSure, COVID-19

Credit: PocDoc/ BioSure

By  Sara Mageit 05:53 am October 22, 2020
Digital testing platform, PocDoc has launched a testing solution to employers wanting to get people back to work safely. The test is carried out via a finger prick with results being returned in 10 minutes. The results display if someone has an active COVID-19 infection based on the presence of early-onset antibodies and should immediately self-isolate. It will reveal if there is a presence of...
Your.MD, Professional Record Standards Body

Credit: Healthily

By  Sara Mageit 05:15 am October 21, 2020
UK digital health platform, Your.MD and the creators of Healthily have approached the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) to help ensure that the growth of the business was not compromising the safety of their users. PRSB helps define the standards needed for high quality care records including in digital care. WHY IT MATTERS  Former chief executive at the NHS Institute for Innovation and...
Natural Cycles, birth control

Credit: Natural Cycles 

By  Sara Mageit 07:20 am October 20, 2020
Swedish CE-certified birth control app, Natural Cycles has announced that it has submitted a 510(k) Premarket Notification to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Natural Cycles app, is the first and only FDA cleared birth control app in the US.  WHY IT MATTERS The purpose of the notification is to revise the labeling to expand the third-party thermometers, which include wearables...
Doctor Care Anywhere, Republic of Ireland

Credit: Doctor Care Anywhere

By  Sara Mageit 10:59 am October 19, 2020
UK-based digital healthcare company, Doctor Care Anywhere (DCA), has announced that it is entering the Republic of Ireland's healthcare market. The expansion of its digital health service offering comes after signing an agreement that enables it to provide its services to one of the UK's main banks.  WHY IT MATTERS DCA’s patients in the Republic of Ireland will benefit from a range of virtual GP...
remote care, Lifelight, Karantis360
By  Sara Mageit 11:49 am October 16, 2020
UK-based healthcare device company, Lifelight and UK predictive care management startup, Karantis360 have announced a partnership which will enable safer independent living for older and vulnerable individuals. Running on the IBM Cloud, the Karantis360 solution uses IBM’s AI and analytics in conjunction with a network of smart sensors to identify and learn an individual’s typical behaviour. WHY...
Artificial intelligence, Thirona, Cystic Fibrosis
By  Sara Mageit 07:10 am October 16, 2020
Dutch AI medical image analysis company, Thirona has obtained a license on a patent for the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis (CF). The patent allows Thirona to develop an AI algorithm that will analyse CT scans to identify abnormalities in the lungs, ensuring that they are identified from an early age and that a personalised treatment plan can follow. WHY IT MATTERS Worldwide, there are approximately...