Shivan Bhavnani and Ravi N. Shah, MD, MBA

Shivan Bhavnani is the Founder & CEO of the Global Institute of Mental & Brain Health Investment (GIMBHI), which provides data, insights, and analysis on the mental, behavioral, & brain health startup ecosystems. In addition, he is a Venture Partner at Vynn Capital and has over six years of experience in leveraged finance from his time at Morgan Stanley, Moody’s Investors Service, S&P Global, and Willis Towers Watson. 

Ravi N. Shah, MD, MBA is a Columbia University psychiatrist with extensive experience in mental health technology and innovation. As the Founding Director of Columbia Psychiatry Mind Ventures, he works to invest the department’s wide and deep intellectual capital (in the form of faculty experts) into partnerships with innovators, startups, and venture capital firms looking to transform mental health and addiction care. In addition, he is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and the Medical Director of Columbia University’s Psychiatry Faculty Practice. Dr. Shah is also the Co-Founder of Mantra Health, a telemedicine mental health startup looking to solve the college mental health crisis. 


Digital therapeutic
By  Shivan Bhavnani and Ravi N. Shah, MD, MBA 10:12 am November 20, 2020
Considered one of the most innovative areas within digital health, the prescription digital therapeutics (PDT) ecosystem has experienced an accelerated period of progress over the past two years. A prescription digital therapeutic is a prescription-only software that delivers evidence-based therapeutic intervention(s) to prevent, manage or treat a medical disorder or disease.  While considerable...