By Mike Miliard December 6, 2018
In working with MediBloc, MGH is said to be interested in the ledger technology's suitability for storage and exchange of patient data, supplementing its EHR.
By Jonah Comstock December 5, 2018
For Brian Scarpelli, senior policy council at ACT | The App Association, it’s hard to overstate the changes coming to Medicare next month when it comes to telehealth and remote patient monitoring. “Finally, after all these years, the Medicare system as of January 2019 is actually providing reasonable payment to physicians and other caregivers who are delivering care to Medicare beneficiaries, for...
By Jeff Lagasse December 4, 2018
Blockchain technology is becoming more widespread, and early adopters will be in the best position to take advantage of its potential.
Blockchain illustration.
By Tom Sullivan December 3, 2018
HIMSS Analytics found health facilities more prepared for the distributed ledger tech than many might think, but that doesn’t mean they’re making forward progress just yet.
By HIMSS TV November 30, 2018
Focus on Blockchain In December, we take a deep dive into the disruption blockchain promises and offer a reality check with a look at what's really happening.