blockchain investing
By Dave Muoio 08:53 am December 27, 2018
While blockchain’s overall impact might still be under contention, it’s hard to argue that there isn’t widespread interest among C-suites about just what the distributed ledger technology could bring to their businesses. Nearly three in four executives could see a “compelling business case” for blockchain, and roughly a third said that some manner of blockchain system was already underway at...
Blockchain illustration
By Tom Sullivan 03:26 pm December 26, 2018
By Mike Miliard 05:55 pm December 14, 2018
Could distributed ledger technology offer the promise of real-time EHR updates, seamless interoperability and protection from from ransomware?
By Diana Manos 05:51 pm December 14, 2018
European Union Blockchain Observatory & Forum says that, while there are tensions and some uncertainty about how to protect data and use blockchain under GDPR, there are still ways to accomplish it.
Yu Quan, CIO at China Medical University’s Shengjing Hospital
By HIMSS TV 03:26 pm December 13, 2018