By  Dave Muoio 10:52 am December 3, 2019
Dexcom continuous glucose monitor users and their caregivers found themselves in the dark this weekend when a key monitoring feature ceased to function with little to no warning. The feature, called Dexcom Follow, transmits an alert when a CGM user’s blood sugar reaches a dangerous level and is often used by parents monitoring their children’s condition. When unexpected issues brought down the...
By  Dave Muoio 11:44 am December 2, 2019
Quartet Health, a startup focused on behavioral health and primary care, has tacked an extra $7.5 million onto its $60 million Series D round courtesy of a new investment from Echo Ventures — the joint venture arm of Cambia Health Solutions and Blue Cross of North Carolina — as well as Deerfield Capital, a representative of the company told MobiHealthNews. The announcement comes as the startup...

(L to R) Andrew Hopper, Carson Pickens, Gilad Jacobs, Stacie Ruth, Grace Cordavano, and Kelly McKee discuss Patient Co-Creation last month at the Connected Health Conference in Boston. Photo by Jonah Comstock.

By  Jonah Comstock 01:47 pm November 27, 2019
Healthcare stakeholders — from providers to payers to pharma and medical device companies — are more and more starting to include patients in the design process for new innovations and initiatives. But while that co-design is a good first step, it’s not enough, experts at the Connected Health Conference in Boston last month argued. “Every health innovator wants to maximize their market success,”...
Integris Baptist Medical Center
By  Bill Siwicki 01:46 pm November 26, 2019
At Integris Health, billing and analytics technology is responsible for measurable rises in patients' perceptions of the financial experience – helping them set up payment plans, make payments, register for self-service and sign up for text alerts.
By  Dave Muoio 01:21 pm November 26, 2019
Outcome Health the entity may be nearing the end of its legal woes, but some of the individuals wrapped up in the company’s ad scandal aren’t quite out of the woods yet. A recently unsealed criminal indictment filed in the Northern District of Illinois outlines charges against former CEO and cofounder Rishi Shah, former president and cofounder Shradha Agarwal, former CFO Brad Purdy and former EVP...
By  Jeff Lagasse 02:45 pm November 25, 2019
Employee engagement is a vital part in determining the success of a company's wellness program, and there are four trends to look for next year.
By  Dave Muoio 04:18 pm November 22, 2019
There are few clinical areas more in need of innovation than heart disease. It’s the leading killer among men and women in the US, accounting for one in every four deaths by the CDC’s numbers, and yet it’s also a body of health conditions that could be substantially mitigated through a number of lifestyle and behavior changes. So of course it’s little surprise that cardiovascular health and care...