By Laura Lovett 03:59 pm November 26, 2019
Eko, the maker of devices and platforms for monitoring heart function, has announced the rollout of a second version of its CORE stethoscope that includes noise canceling capabilities and a sound amplifying feature.  Customers can buy the product as a digital attachment or an assembled stethoscope. The latest version will include a wireless connection to Eko’s software and a 10-hour battery. On...
Integris Baptist Medical Center
By Bill Siwicki 01:46 pm November 26, 2019
At Integris Health, billing and analytics technology is responsible for measurable rises in patients' perceptions of the financial experience – helping them set up payment plans, make payments, register for self-service and sign up for text alerts.
By Laura Lovett 10:02 am November 26, 2019
A new use-of-concept study found that stroke patients given virtual reality therapy were consistent in completing the therapy and preferred a version which let them connect to others.  The study included both a multi-user version, which let participants interact with others remotely, and a single-user version, which they completed on their own. Participants that used a multi-user version of the...
By Jeff Lagasse 02:45 pm November 25, 2019
Employee engagement is a vital part in determining the success of a company's wellness program, and there are four trends to look for next year.
By Dave Muoio 04:18 pm November 22, 2019
There are few clinical areas more in need of innovation than heart disease. It’s the leading killer among men and women in the US, accounting for one in every four deaths by the CDC’s numbers, and yet it’s also a body of health conditions that could be substantially mitigated through a number of lifestyle and behavior changes. So of course it’s little surprise that cardiovascular health and care...
Woman texting
By Mike Miliard 12:10 pm November 22, 2019
As providers seek to improve the patient experience and engage patients for better health outcomes, a KLAS report explores how vendors' claims square with health systems' priorities.
Doctor talking to patient clutching her stomach
By Jeff Lagasse 11:59 am November 22, 2019
Most parents believe they have the resources to raise healthy children, but significant hurdles can pose a persistent challenge.
Physician and toddler
By Susan Morse 11:55 am November 22, 2019
Humana's revenue is projected to increase on 17% rise in MA membership and premium increases, but return of HIF reduced workforce by 2%.