By Laura Lovett November 6, 2018
When it comes to treating the opioid crisis, digital tools may be able to tackle some of the trickiest issues that the current care model cannot, according to a recently released Rock Health report. The report zeros in on some of the major road blocks in treating addiction and how digital could be the key to addressing these needs.  Those challenges include the variability between treatment...
By Laura Lovett November 5, 2018
This morning ResMed, maker of connected respiratory devices, announced that it is set to acquire MatrixCare, a Minnesota-based EHR company, for $750 million.  MatrixCare’s EHR is targeted towards long-term post acute care services, such as skilled nursing facilities, life plan communities and senior living homes.  The deal is expected to help ResMed expand its software-as-a-service offerings,...
By Laura Lovett November 5, 2018
Last week Chinese language search engine Baidu, unveiled a new artificial intelligence-powered tool aimed at detecting ocular fundus, which can lead to blindness. The latest tool, called AI Fundus Camera, will be able to screen for three types of ocular fundus diseases.  The new AI-powered camera takes a photo and then can generate a screening report. According to the company, this photo doesn’t...
Robin Frady.
By HIMSS TV November 5, 2018
*/ Focus on Artificial Intelligence In November, we take a deep dive into AI and machine learning.

Photo credit: Tissue Analytics 

By Jonah Comstock November 5, 2018
Sierra Madre, California-based Wound Care Advantage, a manager of outpatient wound treatment centers, has partnered with Baltimore-based Tissue Analytics to use the digital health startup's technology to measure wounds and develop improved treatment protocols. "Joining forces with technology companies at the forefront of innovation in healthcare is incredibly important as we tackle problems...
By HIMSS TV November 4, 2018
In November we delve into the ways AI and machine learning have already taken root in healthcare and examine the promise and threats of AI.
Douglas Reding
By HIMSS TV November 2, 2018
*/ Focus on Artificial Intelligence In November, we take a deep dive into AI and machine learning.
By Laura Lovett November 2, 2018
It’s a too familiar scene — 2 a.m. and the computer screen is open to a Google search leading the user down every possible scenario and health scare. The patient then has to decide based on whatever search has come up whether or not a trip the emergency room is in order.    That’s where AI chatbots have come in to play. More and more digital health companies are focusing on providing a place for...