Patient sitting on a chair in a hospital
By Laura Lovett 02:09 pm November 11, 2020
The state of Ohio is aiming to speed up the process of matching patients with behavioral needs to inpatient psychiatric facilities with beds available through an online platform.  The state’s Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services is rolling out a new online psychiatric bed registry, dubbed Behavioral Health Connection or B-Con, which was developed to give clinicians a real-time view...
An image of the AutoML Entity Extraction for Healthcare tool
By Dave Muoio 01:55 pm November 11, 2020
Google Cloud pulled back the curtain yesterday on two artificial intelligence tools designed to help healthcare and life science organizations scan and analyze large volumes of unstructured text, the Healthcare Natural Language API and AutoML Entity Extraction for Healthcare. The first of these two offerings looks to automatically extract common trends or other insights from medical records notes...
Delirium is common among older adults after undergoing an operation and has an incidence rate of up to 87%.
By Mallory Hackett 11:32 am November 11, 2020
Playing brain games during the lead up to surgery can prevent postoperative delirium in older adults, according to new research from the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. These brain games are called "neurobics," and they're intended to create new neural pathways and increase cognition, which could lead to better postoperative outcomes. TOP-LINE DATA Patients who practiced neurobics...
Inrupt, NHS, open source, interoperability,
By Tammy Lovell 06:01 am November 11, 2020
Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership in the UK is running a pilot of a web platform which allows users to store their medical data in a Personal Online Data Store - or pod. Startup Inrupt announced the launch of its Enterprise Solid Service (ESS) earlier this week in a blog post, from its chief technology officer, World Wide Web founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee. The secure web...
Family uses telemedicine
By Laura Lovett 03:05 pm November 10, 2020
Laura Cooley, senior director of education and outreach at the Academy of Communication in Healthcare, has seen how the patient experience is being transformed by technology firsthand.  When she went to schedule her annual women’s health exam, she found a digital platform that could help her find a clinician that fit her needs, took her insurance, and had the calendar dates she wanted. It also...
Joe Biden discussing COVID-19

 (Photo by Joshua Roberts/Getty Images)

By Laura Lovett 12:01 pm November 10, 2020
Now that the election has been called in favor of now President-elect Joe Biden, the medical community has poured out offering congratulations, suggestions and predictions. The bulk of the organizations are towing a nonpartisan line, pledging to work with the new administration, but remaining shy of political backing.  Innovation  One such organization is the American Telemedicine Association....
Garmin adds pregnancy tracking capabilities to smartwatches.
By Mallory Hackett 11:20 am November 10, 2020
Fitness wearables-maker Garmin today announced new pregnancy-tracking features that can be added to its compatible smartwatches for expecting parents. With the newly released app in the Connect IQ store, expecting parents can track their pregnancy timeline, get updates on their baby’s size and movements, log their symptoms and mood, receive educational material on pregnancy health, and update...
Moodbeam One, Mental health tracking

Credit: Moodbeam One device 

By Sara Mageit 05:54 am November 10, 2020
A partnership between Hull-based health tech brand, Moodbeam and Agencia’s Primary Care Direct aims to trial a self-reporting wellbeing tool to support GPs and clinical staff. Amicus Health, a GP practice in Devon, will trial the Moodbeam One wearable device for eight weeks to monitor the mood of their 70 non-clinical and clinical staff. Users at the practice will be able to log how they are...
Taliaz PREDICTIX, digital mental health,

Credit: Taliaz PREDICTIX software

By Sara Mageit 04:42 am November 10, 2020
Israel-based mental health startup, Taliaz has been awarded €2.3 million ($2.7 million) funding from the European Union (EU) Horizon 2020 programme. Taliaz uses AI and data science for its mental health treatment management and decision-support platform, PREDICTIX. WHY IT MATTERS Today, more than 84 million people suffer from mental health disorders in Europe. According to The Lancet Infectious...
Bupa, Well.Me, workforce

Credit: Bupa

By Sophie Porter 01:20 am November 10, 2020
UK-based employee health monitoring service Well.Me has partnered with Bupa to expand employee health tracking in UK workplaces, with a potential roll-out to over two million employees As part of the partnership, the Lincolnshire-based digital tracking and analytics service will install their unique health monitoring stations in selected workplaces of Bupa Health Service’s business customers, as...