20 baby health products from CES 2018

By Laura Lovett
12:44 pm

Last week CES brought innovators from around the world to Las Vegas. But one event at CES was dedicated to creating innovations for the smallest people. This year participants in the Babytech Awards displayed a myriad of products from wearables that monitor a baby’s heartbeat to baby sleep coaches. There were five categories including healthy baby, fertility and pregnancy, baby safety, baby eats, and baby learn and play. 

Here is a list of 20 digital health products displayed that are aimed to help new babies and expectant parents:

Temp Traq


A new tool lets parents and guardians keep track of their baby’s temperature in realtime. The Temp Traq is a wearable Bluetooth temperature monitor that continuously sense, records and transmits a baby’s body temperature for up to 48-hours to a mobile device. 

But that isn’t the only product looking to give parents and accurate temperature reading. Kinsa’s QuickCare thermometer takes a baby’s temperature orally, under the arm or rectally. The thermometer then wirelessly connects the data to a users’ phone. The data can also be sent straight to a pediatrician and offers personalized advice on how to help the baby. 

Starling is a wearable device that tracks how much a baby is talking, playing and sleeping. The goal is to make sure they are getting the right mix of actives for their developmental potential. 


Wordle is made up of a baby-friendly device and a parent coaching app that uses machine learning that makes recommendations to parents about how to enhance their baby’s learning. Wordle scores baby’s words, conversations, language heard and positive and negative words. 


A new app called Nod, provides parents with kids 36 months and under sleep coaching tips for their little one. The app helps parents set up their child’s nap time and bedtime schedules, track their sleeping and feeding activity and receive personalized recommendations about how to improve sleeping habits. 


Willow is a handsfree breast pump that connects to the users phone so they can see what is happening while they pump. The app tracks milk volume, pumping time, and past pumping sessions. The pump will also automatically sense the users let-down and transition into an expression phase based on the user's unique milk production and timing. 

Blue Smart Mia
A smart sleeve bottle called Blue Smart Mia tracks and analyzes a baby’s intake and consumption patterns. The technology is housed in a silicone sleeve and fits around the bottom of the bottle. Through WiFi the device will transmit the baby’s feeding information, temperature and duration to an accompanying app. 

Sonata Smart Breast Pump 
Sonata Smart Breast Pump connects to the MyMedela app so users can track their baby’s growth and pumping sessions. It also connects users to lactation information and personalized educational content about breastfeeding.

Nanit is a video monitor that uses machine learning and computer vision algorithms to track and understand baby’s sleep. That information is then put into a nightly sleep score for parents. 


French company Terraillon displayed its Homni device, which aims to help babies and adults sleep better. The device provides soothing light and wakes up users with a light designed to gently revive. It also collects users’ sleep data and stores it in the Terraillon Wellness Coach Sleep app. 


The Tempi system connects its Bluetooth device to an app. The Bluetooth monitors and tracks the humidity and temperature in the baby’s room. The app alerts parents if the room temperature goes below a certain level or the humidity level goes above their set limits. 


A new ankle wearable called Sproutling monitors a baby’s heartbeat, sleeping position and motion. The wearable is linked to the Fisher-Price Sproutling app and tell parents when the baby is awake. 


Ellie aims to sterilizing bottles, pacifiers and anything babies put in their mouth with their new product that is powered by Truviolet. The technology uses digital UV light to kill germs in seconds and gets rid of E. coli, Salmonella, Staph and Listeria, and antibiotic-resistant superbugs like MRSA. 


The MiniPlus is a smart home Wi-Fi camera that lets parents watch their baby. It has a motion detector that triggers alerts when something is happening. 

Blue Pure 411
Blueair's Blue Pure 411 is a device that detects and captures airborne pollutants like allergies, dust, mold, pet dander, smoke, and pollen. 

Owlet Smart Sock

Owlet Smart Sock gives parents real-time access to heart rate and oxygen levels. The sock sends information to Connected Care app, which gives parents the ability to analyze their baby’s behavior. 

BETO Sleep Coach
The BETO Sleep Coach uses AI to analyze a baby’s sleep behaviors. It then suggests a customized daily time table for when you should feed and how much you should feed your baby and when you should wake up your baby. The technology also analyzes information like baby’s weight, age and gender. 

Evoz Vision WiFi Baby Monitor 

Evoz Vision WifFi Baby Monitor uses an alert system with a patented algorithm to detect a cry versus other household noises. The monitor, which connects to an app, lets parents see their baby and talk to their baby with a two-way talk system. It also gives caregivers sleep and parenting advice based on their child’s age. 

The Comper Smart Scale
The Comper Smart Scale is a waterproof scale that provides extra stability and security. Makers say it is particularly good for pregnant women, babies and elders. It records weight and provides professional advice based on the analysis of the users BMI. It is connected to an accompanying app. 

Fairy is a baby monitor with a camera and an AI capable of detecting human faces. It can be set to alert users remotely when motion is detected, snapping a picture and sending it to a user's phone.  

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