With $3.1M in funding, Kindly Care launches app-enabled senior care platform in California

By Heather Mack
01:22 am

San Francisco-based Kindly Care, which offers a self-service care management platform for seniors, launched its service across California. The company is backed by $3.1 million in seed funding from MHS Capital, Floodgate and Jackson Square Ventures.

Kindly Care aims to give families and individuals a set of tools to hire and mange private live-in caregivers themselves, rather than going through a specialized home care agency. The company is also trying to help people avoid cutting corners by hiring someone who may not be qualified, or forgoing certain important tasks like setting up insurance or payroll, and provides all employee screening, makes an employee profile video, and sets up all the requisite taxes, Social Security and insurance necessary to protect both the employee and employer.

When a caregiver is hired, they are managed day-to-day though Kindly Care’s free apps that are available on iOS, Android and the web. There, family members can schedule shifts and plan lists of things to be done, and caregivers use an app as well to track time sheets, record shift notes and communicate with the family or other caregivers to coordinate workflow.

The app keeps track of metrics specifically tied to a patient’s physical or mental needs, such as memory or pain, and chronic conditions can also be watched on a daily basis to inform diagnosis and general monitoring. Every day tasks like shopping or going out for a walk are also recorded.

“Caregivers are aware of the important role they play in recording the well-being of their clients,” Kindly Care’s CEO and cofounder Igor Lebovic said in a statement. “It’s inspiring to see the level of detail they capture in their notes that are then shared with family members and the rest of the care team.”

Kindly Care is similar to online care marketplaces like Care.com or Carelinx, but the expansive services platform brings a deeper level of management capabilities to the family members. The company likens itself to ClearCare or HomeHero, which offer a management platform similar to Kindly Care’s, but specifically to hospitals and agencies.

“The combination of Kindly Care’s marketplace of vetted caregivers and its management platform allows private employers to experience the combination of the convenience and compliance that’s usually only possible when working with an agency,” the company wrote in a statement. 


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