50 digital health companies share 2016 revenues to land on the Inc 5,000 list

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This story has been edited to include additional companies.

It's become an annual tradition for MobiHealthNews to parse Inc. Magazine's Inc 5,000 list of fastest growing companies in America, calling out the digital health and health tech companies that made the list. We found more companies than ever on this year's list, some you'll recognize and some you may not.

While MobiHealthNews doesn’t generally report on awards, we make an exception for Inc because it’s based on hard data, albeit self-reported. Inc ranks the companies by the percent change of annual revenue in a three-year period. This allows small companies to hang with larger ones, but it also means it can be hard for a company to hold onto its spot on the list, since companies often have big growth early on that levels out as they become established. 

Finally, it means we get an inside peek at the 2016 revenues of these companies, most of which are private and don't normally share that data.

We found 50 companies that we judged to be in the digital health space, listed below in the order they appear on the list. Check the list out, and then compare it to our 2015 and 2014 revenue lists, if you like.

134. PrescribeWellness. 2016 revenue: $18 million. PrescribeWellness, which offers patient engagement and medication adherence software tools to pharmacies, grew 2,904 percent in the past three years. This is its third year on the list. Last year, at #52, it was also the highest ranking digital health company. Site.

148. Healthcare.com. 2016 revenue: $16.8 million. Health insurance search engine Healthcare.com posted 2,599 percent three-year growth in its second year on the list. It jumped up from #388. Site.

201. Stratus Video. 2016 revenue: $33.5 million. Based in Clearwater, Florida, Stratus Video develops audio and video technology used for language translation and medical specialist consultations. It boasts three-year growth of 2,123 percent. Site. 

278. Welltok. 2016 revenue: $62.5 million. Denver, Colorado-based health management company Welltok, which makes the CafeWell health engagement platform, grew 1,576 percent over the last three years. In its third year on the list, it’s up several places from last year. Site.

318. Health Catalyst. 2016 revenue: $66.7 million. Salt Lake City health data warehouse Health Catalyst has been floating the idea of an IPO for some time. The company grew 1,373 percent over the last three years, and is celebrating its fifth year running on the list. Site.

579. Provata Health. 2016 revenue: $3.2 million. App-based workplace wellness program maker Provata Health is on the list for the first year, reporting 781 percent growth. The company works with employers, health plans, and providers. Site.

597. Outcome Health. 2016 revenue: $121.9 million. Outcome Health, a maker of waiting room screens and tablets for patient education and pharmaceutical marketing, is the talk of the town in digital health after its $500 million funding round in May. The company grew 755 percent over the last year. At this year’s Health 2.0 conference, MobiHealthNews editor Jonah Comstock will be interviewing president Shradha Agarwal for the annual “3 CEOs” session. Site.

611. Definitive Healthcare. 2016 revenue: $24.5 million. Natick, Massachusetts-based Definitive Healthcare, which offers large datasets pertaining to hospitals, surgery centers, imaging centers, long-term care facilities, and clinics, grew 741 percent over the last three years. Site.

627. HealthSparq. 2016 revenue: $26.5 million. Portland, Oregon-based HealthSparq, which first showed up on the list last year at #196, grew 720 percent over the last three years. The company provides an online shopping platform for healthcare services. Site.

653. Careform. 2016 revenue: $7.8 million. Careform, a Sewickley, Pennsylvania-based firm that uses technology to help pharma companies market specialty drugs, posted a 695 percent three-year growth. It’s on the list for the first time. Site.

758. Teleradiology Specialists. 2016 revenue: $13.4 million. This Pheonix, Arizona company does exactly what its name says, interpreting radiology results quickly and remotely for clinicians. The company grew 600 percent over the last three years. Site.

797. Chartwise Medical Systems. 2016 revenue: $5.7 million. Chartwise sells software to improve clinical documentation. The company is back for its second year on the list with 565 percent three-year growth. Site.

804. Collective Medical Technologies. 2016 revenue: $5.8 million. Collective Medical Technologies, which provides realtime data analytics and notifications to support ER docs, grew 561 percent over the last three years. The Holladay, Utah-based company has never ranked before. Site.

841. Evoke Neuroscience. 2016 revenue: $4.5 million. New York City-based Evoke Neuroscience, which makes a digital platform for monitoring memory loss and cognitive impairment, grew revenue 537 percent over the last three years. It ranked #131 on last year’s list. Site.

903. freshbenies. 2016 revenue: $7.4 million. McKinney, Texas-based freshbenies works with employers and payers to provide a benefits card that grants access to telemedicine services, prescription discounts and more. The company grew 490 percent over the last three years. Site.

1049. Modernizing Medicine. 2016 revenue: $87.5 million. Another company notable for a major funding round this year ($231 million from Warburg Pincus), Modernizing Medicine makes a mobile-based EHR for specialists. In their third year on the list, the company posted a 405 percent three-year growth. Site.

1213. The Patient Experience Project. 2016 revenue: $7.4 million. This Saratoga Springs, New York-based company makes patient-facing programs, content, and social media for patients health care stakeholders. It posted a 339 percent three-year growth in its first year on the list. Site.

1322. Cognitive Medical Systems. 2016 revenue: $13.1 million. A maker of clinical decision support software, Cognitive Medical Systems is another company in its third year on the list. Its three-year growth came in at 308 percent. Site.

1467. Vitalware. 2016 revenue: $7.6 million. Vitalware, a software-as-a-service provider for documentation, coding, billing, and auditing, grew 277 percent over the last three years, and earned its spot on the list for the third consecutive year. Site.

1526. TAVHealth. 2016 revenue: $12.4 million. TAVHealth, which offers the TAVHealth Connect platform for post-discharge care coordination, grew its revenues 263 percent over the last three years. Site.

1932. Connexion Point. 2016 revenue: $54.1 million. Salt Lake City-based Connexion Point grew its revenues by 197 percent over the last three years. This is its fourth year on the list. Connexion Point works with health plans and providers to engage members and patients through technology. Site.

1953. Medisked. 2016 revenue: $4.3 million. Rochester, New York-based Medisked posted a 195 percent three-year growth. The company makes software, including apps, to connect patients with different kinds of healthcare and home care providers. Site.

2280. Fisher Wallace Laboratories. 2016 revenue: $4 million. Fisher Wallace is a medical device company that makes an FDA-cleared neurostimulation device to treat depression, anxiety, and insomnia. The company recently dipped its toe into the VR space with a new product called Kortex. Its three-year growth was 159 percent. Site.

2503. General Devices. 2016 revenue: $6.1 million. Ridgefield, New Jersey-based General Devices provides innovative products for first responders, including a mobile telemedicine platform. It grew revenues 142 percent over the past three years. Site.

2640. WebPT. 2016 revenue: $39.6 million. Phoenix, Arizona-based physical therapy software company WebPT has grown 132 percent over the past three years. Founded in 2008, the 308-employee company focuses on software that therapy professionals can use to boost performance, revenue and outcomes. Site.
2684. Ingenious Med. 2016 revenue: $36.2 million. Atlanta, Georgia-based Ingenious Med creates physician-designed mobile- and cloud-based solutions that help practices increase revenues and lower the cost of care. Climbing higher on the list from its position at #2821 last year, the company has grown 129 percent over the past three years. Site.
2833. Accolade. 2016 revenue: $98.8 million. Founded in 2007, Accolade is an on-demand healthcare concierge for employers, health plans and health systems. It has grown 120 percent over the last three years. Site.
2847. DeVero. 2016 revenue: $14.8 million. San Jose, California-based DeVero provides a clinical documentation and multi-service line healthcare platform for pre- and post-acute care markets, including home healthcare, hospice, private duty home care, pediatrics and other care-at-home services. Devero boasts three-year growth of 120 percent. Site.
2916. pMD. 2016 revenue: $8.1 million. San Francisco, California-based pMD’s mobile communication and data capture platform aims to increase efficiency by allowing physicians to capture charges and patient data more accurately at the point of care. Its three-year growth stands at 116 percent. Site.
3030. Procura Holdings NA. 2016 revenue: $36 million. With 110 percent growth over the past three years, Schaumburg, Illinois-based Procura Holdings NA makes enterprise software for the post-acute healthcare industry, including home health, hospice, palliative, long-term care, pediatrics and elder care. Founded in 1991, this is the company’s first year on the list. Site.
3123. Entrada. 2016 revenue: $11.9 million. Founded in 2010, this Brentwood, Tennessee company offers integrated mobile services to improve healthcare efficiencies and outcomes; the software also optimizes clinical workflow by streamlining clinical documentation. The company has grown 105 percent the last three years. Site.
3247. eHealth Technologies. 2016 revenue: $17.8 million. Founded in 2006, this West Henrietta, New York-based company’s products seek to improve healthcare delivery by providing health systems with access to an intelligently aggregated clinical record, and images, for every patient referral. The past three years have seen it grow by 99 percent. Site.
3319. CommunicateHealth. 2016 revenue: $5.5 million. Based in Northampton, Massachusetts, CommunicateHealth designs healthcare services, including personal and public health tools, emergency communications and interactive media. It has seen three-year growth of 96 percent. Site.
3448. Medical Guardian. 2016 revenue: $20.7 million. Medical Guardian, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, provides medical alert devices to seniors around the United States; the alert system allows seniors to immediately notify an emergency medical operator if something is wrong. The company grew 91 percent over the last three years. Site.
3470. GetWellNetwork. 2016 revenue: $80.5 million. Bethesda, Maryland-based GetWellNetwork offers an interactive video service that helps healthcare providers improve performance and patient outcomes, and offers education to patients and families. It posted three-year growth of 90 percent. Site.
3481. Intellicure. 2016 revenue: $4.4 million. Operating out of The Woodlands, Texas, Intellicure provides a wound care software system, using ePrescribing, to send prescriptions directly to pharmacies, and ensuring documentation compliance and medical record safety. It has grown 90 percent over the past three years. Site.
3578. ImagineSoftware. 2016 revenue: $23 million. With three-year growth of 86 percent, this Charlotte, North Carolina-based company provides billing-automation software and revenue-management apps to billing companies and medical practices in the United States. It climbed a few spots from #3582 last year. Site.
3604. SecureNetMD. 2016 revenue: $4.5 million. Lewes, Delaware-based SecureNetMD focuses on HIPAA-compliant managed IT services geared toward healthcare providers across the country. In the past three years it has grown 85 percent. Site.
3740. Wellness Corporate Solutions. 2016 revenue: $22.7 million. Based in Bethesda, Maryland, Wellness Corporate Solutions provides customized, high-impact wellness programs to corporate clients. It also offers biometric screenings, full circle wellness and health coaching services. It has grown 80 percent in three years. Site.
3881. iSalus Healthcare. 2016 revenue: $6.1 million. iSalus, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, offers ER, billing, scheduling and telehealth solutions that are integrated, requiring only a single login to access the entire system. It appears on the list for the first time and has grown 75 percent in three years. Site.
3911. Homecare Homebase. 2016 revenue: $125 million. Founded in 2001, this Dallas, Texas-based company creates software serving the post-acute care industry including homecare, hospice and private duty. Founded in 2001, it has posted 74 percent growth over three years. Site.
3977. CollaborateMD. 2016 revenue: $11.6 million. Founded in 1999, this Orlando, Florida-based outfit climbed a few spots from last year’s position at #4115. The company, which offers cloud-based medical practice and billing management services, has grown 71 percent in three years. Site.

3981. Audacious Inquiry. This 88-employee software company offers health information systems, master data management, web applications, analytical services and government or policy consulting. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, the company has grown 71 percent over the past three years and has placed on this list an impressive seven times. Site.
4067. eClinicalWorks. 2016 revenue: $444 million. Around since 1999, eClinical Works offers comprehensive electronic health records and practice management services, allowing ACOs, physician practices, out-patient departments of hospitals, community health centers, departments of health and convenient care clinics to improve efficiency and enhance patient care regardless of practice size, specialty or number of locations. With 68 percent three-year growth, it climbs the list from its position last year at #4396. Site.
4374. TSI Healthcare. 2016 revenue: $25 million. Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based TSI Healthcare focuses on IT services to physicians through electronic medical records, practice management systems and electronic data exchange implementation and assistance. It climbs from position #4826 on last year’s list with a three-year growth rate of 59 percent. Site.
4589. Preventure. 2016 revenue: $16.4 million. This coventry, Rhode Island company offers up corporate fitness programs to company employees around the country; it currently helps more than 4.5 million employees with health, wellness and employee engagement plans. It has grown 52 percent in three years. Site.
4719. LaunchPoint Ventures. 2016 revenue: $19.1 million. Launchpoint Ventures, based in Itasca, Illinois, provides software and cloud services to healthcare organizations. It additionally specializes in information management and analytics. It has a three-year growth rate of 48 percent. Site.
4736. SCIO Health Analytics. 2016 revenue: $68.3 million. This 965-employee outfit in West Hartford, Connecticut is a health analytics service company, leveraging healthcare data, predictive analytics, and healthcare business experts to provide clients solutions to decrease costs, improve health outcomes, increase revenues, and drive ROI and sustainability. It grew 48 percent in three years. Site.
4961. Med Tech Solutions. 2016 revenue: $8 million. Based in Valencia, California, Med Tech Solutions specializes in healthcare cloud computing services, working with healthcare clients nationwide. Its Infrastructure features all-flash storage for performance and speed, Encryption-at-Rest to address data security and EHNAC accreditation. It grew 41 percent over the past three years. Site.
4996. Sonic Boom Wellness. 2016 revenue: $4.9 million. Located in Carlsbad, California, Sonic Boom Wellness’ technology products offer a wellness program designed for business clients specializing in improving employees' daily health habits through games and incentives. They’ve grown 40 percent in the past three years. Site.

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