98point6 launches its chat-based telemedicine platform for primary care

By Dave Muoio
03:31 pm

Seattle-based 98point6 today announced the launch of its on-demand primary care platform. Through the smartphone app, patients in 10 US states can easily receive remote care from a board-certified physician through the AI and machine learning-powered service.

“There are far too many people that aren’t getting the primary care they need, and that’s a problem. Our mission is to make primary care accessible and affordable, inspiring early and frequent use, leading to better overall health and material cost of care savings," Robbie Cape, CEO and cofounder of 98point6, said in a statement. “The ubiquity of smartphones, combined with consumer expectations for simple, life-changing solutions underscores the opportunity for on-demand care. 98point6 meets consumers where they are through private, text-based primary care that’s available when and where they need it.”

98point6’s technology builds a patient profile automatically through patients’ text-based responses, relieving the company’s physicians from time spent gathering the initial patient history, updating their charts, or performing other administrative tasks. Instead, the physician steps in to speak with the patient when it’s time to diagnose, treat, or answer health-related questions, all through a secure in-app messaging system. Afterward the patient receives a personalized care plan, including prescriptions and lab work if necessary, or is referred to a primary care practice for in-person care.

While the service was initially free to patients in the beta version, the full version will a require a 12-month sign-up for an introductory fee of $20, according to the company. A subscription pricing model is also available for employers looking to provide its employees with telemedicine primary care.

“Seattle Children’s is committed to providing top quality care to those in need, and that includes the health and well-being of our highly valued team members,” Myra Gregorian, SVP and chief people officer at Seattle Children’s, which will be rolling out the platform to its employees later this month, said in a statement. “98point6’s solution allows us to provide an additional layer of care that compliments current healthcare plans and fits within our team’s busy lifestyle.”

The company said in a statement that it has plans to bring the service to all 50 states and the District of Columbia by the end of the year. In September, the telemedicine company announced that it had raised $19.5 million in third-round funding from undisclosed private investors, which brought 98point6’s total funding to $35 million.

"We are ecstatic to have the financial backing of our incredible investors, along with the expertise of our prestigious medical advisors and early development partners,” Cape said at the time. “All are helping us navigate an incredibly complex industry to build a solution that significantly improves the overall experience.”


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