Adidas releases beta version of All Day, an app to track all aspects of wellness

By Heather Mack
03:34 pm

Consistency and dedication may the hallmarks of success for fitness, but that doesn’t mean the apps to support exercise or diet need to be narrow in their focus. Operating on the idea that consumers want flexibility in how they pursue their health goals, Adidas has released a new app that offers a wide variety of content and tracking for multiple aspects of health.   

All Day, which is now available in limited beta release on both iOS and Android, offers customizable workouts, meal plans, mindfulness exercises and sleep tracking, and pairs with Apple Health Kit and Google Fit to handle all that data. To create the app, Adidas partnered with fitness company EXOS, the American College of Sports Medicine and Verily to develop content, and rather than taking a hard line on being a serious workout app, All Day aims to guide users through various aspects of health and wellness. The initial release is targeted at women, Sport Techie reports.

“Adidas All Day will initially focus on the female athlete who seeks variety and likes to try new things to challenge and inspire herself to be better every day. With an experience powered by rich scientific insight, the app makes fit living more approachable while still keeping it fun” Stacey Burr, vice president and general manager of Adidas Digital Sports, said in a statement.

Ideally, the app is designed to be used, well, all day – a video of the current iteration features a woman doing just that by starting the day with app-prompted workouts and meals, taking time out for meditation in the afternoon, and a few more exercises and consultations before setting the app to track her sleep.

This is a much broader-reaching move than the company’s earlier actions to be a bigger player in connected fitness. The nearly 70-year-old German sportswear company previously showed its digital health intentions with the miCoach app (they opened the API to developers in 2014), and got even deeper into the game with the purchase of Runtastic in 2015. But those were more geared towards athletes or just working out rather than the holistic approach to wellness All Day represents.

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