All the digital health funding MobiHealthNews covered in 2016

By Heather Mack
08:00 am

In 2016, MobiHealthNews covered 194 funding deals that totaled about $2.6 billion.
Read on for a list of all the funding we wrote about this year, along with links to full stories of each deal, in order from largest to smallest.

Top 10 largest digital health funding deals of 2016

Jawbone raised $165 million, although it lost half its valuation. More
MindMaze raised $100 million for its virtual reality therapy. More
Thalmic Labs, which makes gesture-tracking apps for connected wearables, raised $120 million. More
Healthline, a consumer health information site, raised $95 million. More
Bright Health, an insurance startup from former UnitedHealthcare CEO, raised $80 million. More
Iora Health raised $75 million for its digitally-enabled primary care service. More
Accolade Health, a digital health concierge platform, raised $70 million. More
ClearCare raised $60 million for its home care software suite. More
Proteus Digital Health, which makes ingestible, sensor-enabled medicine, raised $50 million. More
OurCrowd, an Israeli crowd-funding platform, raised $50 million to launch a digital health-focused fund called OurCrowd Qure. More

Deals between $20 million and $49 million

Chrono Therapeutics, which is working on a wearable for smoking cessation, raised $47.6 million. More
a connected gym equipment company, raised $45 million. More
Higi, a health kiosk company, raised $40 million. More
Quartet, a behavioral health startup, raised $40 million. More
Intuity Medical raised $40 million to bring its blood glucose monitoring system to the US market. More
Bigfoot Biomedical raised $35.5 million for its connected, automated insulin delivery system. More
Welltok, a health management company, raised $33.7 million. More
Endotronix, which is developing a connected, implantable heart monitor, raised $32 million. More
Habit, a personalized nutrition startup, raised $32 million. More
PatientPing raised $31.6 million for its care coordination platform. More
PillPack, makers of a mail order pharmacy and medication adherence app, raised $31.1 million. More
Science 37, which facilitates mobile clinical trials, raised $31 million. More
Akili Interactive Labs, which makes cognitive video game interventions, raised $30.5 million. More
Zillion raised $28 million for its digital patient engagement platform. More
Hometeam, which offers mobile-enabled senior care services, raised $27.5 million. More
Heal, an app-based house call service, raised $26.9 million. More
EarlySense, which makes passive and contactless bedside monitors, raised $25 million. More
Babylon, a UK-based, app-enabled remote healthcare service, raised $25 million. More
Medici raised $24 million for its doctor-facing telemedicine platform. More
Augmedix, a Google Glass-powered remote scribe service, raised $23 million. More
Maxwell Health raised $22 million for its employee benefits platform. More
uBiome, which makes a mail-order microbiome sequencing kit, raised $22 million. More
Propeller Health, makers of sensor-enabled connected inhalers and a digital respiratory therapy platform, raised $21.5 million. More
Brighter raised $21 million for its online dental marketplace. More
Pear Therapeutics, a digital substance abuse intervention platform, raised $20 million. More
DocPlanner, a European doctor appointment-booking platform, raised $20 million. More
Simplee, a payments startup, raised $20 million. More
Clue, which makes an ovulation-tracking app, raised $20 million. More

Deals between $10 million and $20 million

Cala Health raised $18 million to develop its tremor-treating wearable. More
Zipongo, a digital nutrition platform, raised $18 million. More
Vida Health, which makes health and wellness coaching apps, raised $18 million. More
Reflexion Health, makers of an FDA-cleared, kinetic-based physical therapy program, raised $18 million. More
Jiff, an employee wellness curation platform, raised $17.7 million. More
Lantern raised $17.7 million for its mobile mental health coaching program. More
Augmedix raised another $17 million for its smart glasses-based remote scribe platform. More
Vivify, a remote patient monitoring company, raised $17 million. More
Zipnosis, a telemedicine company, raised $17 million. More
MedNet Solutions raised $16.5 million for its clinical trial support platform. More
Axial Healthcare, which makes pain management analytics software and apps, raised $16.5 million. More
LifeBeam, a fitness wearable company, raised $16 million. More
CrossChx, a patient check-in kiosk company, raised $15 million. More
Talkspace, a virtual therapy provider, raised $15 million. More
Docent Health, which helps doctors and hospitals understand the patient experience through apps and software, raised $15 million. More
Curology, a teledermatology company, raised $15 million. More
Caremerge, a senior care coordination platform, raised $15 million. More
Cogito, which makes AI-powered software to improve customer service phone interactions, raised $15 million. More
Owlet raised $15 million to continue developing their smart baby-monitoring sock. More
Heal raised another $14.8 million for their app-based house call service. More
Affectiva, which makes an emotions analytics platform, raised $14 million. More
Envera Health, makers of a patient engagement platform, raised $14 million. More
NightBalance, which is developing a sleep apnea wearable, raised $13.9 million. More
Iggbo raised $13 million for their on-demand blood testing company. More
Netpulse, which makes fitness apps, raised $13 million. More
Big Health, which is focused on sleep for employee wellness programs, raised $12 million. More
AiCure, a smartphone-powered medication adherence tracker, raised $12 million. More
Akili Interactive Technologies raised another $11.9 million for their cognitive health games. More
Evidation Health, a startup focused on helping digital health companies and customers evaluate the efficacy of their technologies, raised $11.6 million. More
Avizia, a telemedicine company, raised $11 million. More
Vital Connect, which makes disposable vitals monitors, raised $10.6 million. More
Azalea Health, a rural-focused telehealth company, raised $10.5 million. More
Call9, which offers emergency care video visits for nursing homes, raised $10 million. More
Lifesum, a fitness-tracking app maker, raised $10 million. More
OMSignal raised $10 million for their smart workout clothing. More
Newtopia, an employee wellness company that offers genetic testing and coaching, raised $10 million. More

Deals between $5 million and $10 million

ResApp, which makes a respiratory disease diagnostic app, raised $9.74 million. More
Ava, which makes a fertility-tracking wearable, raised $9.7 million. More
Nima, formerly known as 6SensorLabs, raised $9.2 million for their smartphone -connected allergen detecting device. More
Somnoware, which makes a sleep management software system, raised $9 million. More
Cohero Health, which makes connected, integrated tools for chronic respiratory disease, raised $9 million. More
Farewell, a digital coaching and weight loss service, raised $8.5 million. More
Valencell, a heart rate sensor company, raised $8.4 million. More
mPulse Mobile raised another $8.3 million for their secure healthcare messaging service. More
Push Doctor, a UK telemedicine provider, raised $8.2 million. More
ePatientFinder, a cloud-based clinical trial exchange platform, raised $8 million. More
Glooko-Diasend, the global diabetes merger, raised $8 million. More
PlushCare, a telemedicine company focused on urgent care, raised $8 million. More
K4Connect, which connects senior care, raised $8 million. More
WellDoc, a mobile health company, raised $7.5 million. More
Jan Medical, which is developing diagnostic tools for neurological conditions, raised $7.5 million. More
Seniorlink, which makes a digital caregiver support platform, raised $7.5 million. More
Unispectral, which offers a smartphone camera-enabled tool to scan for food aspirations, raised $7.5 million. More
eMindful, an online mindfulness training program company, raised $6.85 million. More
Kry, a Swedish telemedicine company, raised $6.8 million. More
Scanadu, which makes personal health scanners, raised $6.5 million. More
Neurotrack, makers of cognitive assessment tools, raised $6.5 million. More
RetraceHealth, providers of nurse practitioner-led house calls and video visits, raised $6.5 million. More
Eight, a sleep tracking company, raised $6 million. More
Opternative, which offers a smartphone-based home eye exam, raised $6 million. More
Gobiquity, makers of a vision-screening app for kids, raised $6 million. More
Adherium, a smart inhaler company, raised $5.9 million. More
Avizia, a telemedicine company, raised $6 million. More
Check-Cap, which is working on an ingestible cancer-screening capsule, raised $5.9 million. More
Eccrine Systems, which is developing a sweat-sensing wearable, raised $5.5 million. More
Nurx raised $5.3 million for their app-based birth control and PrEP service. More
Ouraring raised $5.3 million for their sleep-tracking ring. More
SnapMD, a telehealth service, raised $5.3 million. More
Pager, an app-based house call service, raised $5.2 million. More
MDSave, a price transparency company, raised $5 million. More
Hometeam, a mobile-enabled caregiver service, raised $5 million. More
Stasis Labs raised $5 million for its non-ICU vitals monitors. More
Livongo, a connected diabetes management company, raised $5 million. More
Happify, an employee wellness business, raised $5 million. More

Deals between $1 million and $5 million

Greatist, a consumer health and wellness site, raised $4.5 million. More
PediaQ, a pediatric house-call service, raised $4.5 million. More
Solera Health, which offers a digital marketplace for diabetes prevention programs, raised $4 million. More
RubiconMD raised another $4 million for its messaging platform for doctors and specialists. More
Kolibree, which makes a smartphone connected electronic toothbrush, raised $4 million. More
Nomad Health, which offers a platform to help doctors and nurses find freelance clinical work, raised $4 million. More
Naya Health, a smartphone-enabled breast pump company, raised $4 million. More
Bloomlife, which makes a pregnancy-tracking wearable, raised $4 million. More
Roadtohealth, a health risk assessment app maker, raised $4 million. More
Kayentis, which makes mobile tools to improve clinical trial engagement, raised $3.9 million. More
WeCounsel, which helps behavioral medicine providers offer video visits, raised $3.5 million. More
Evidation Health, a digital health efficacy company, raised $3.4 million. More
Beyond Verbal, a voice analytics software company, raised $3.4 million. More
DreaMed, which makes clinical decision support software for diabetes management, raised $3.3 million. More
ChartSpan, a mobile, patient-centered records management company, raised $3.2 million. More
Orb Health raised $3.2 million for its care coordination platform. More
Emperra, a digital diabetes startup, raised $3.1 million. More
PillDrill, which makes a medication adherence device, raised $3 million. More
BrainCheck, makers of a neurocognitive assessment app, raised $3 million. More
Health2Sync, a digital diabetes management company, raised $3 million. More
Klara, a secure messaging platform, raised $3 million. More
DoseMe, a digital health startup that makes a precision dosing platform, raised $2.6 million. More
Force Therapeutics, which helps hospitals take bundled payments, raised $2.6 million. More
Koko, a cognitive therapy startup, raised $2.5 million. More
EverlyWell, which offers an at-home lab testing kit service, raised $2.5 million. More
Annum Health, a startup working on a digital treatment platform for heavy drinkers, raised $2.5 million. More
BioBeats, an employee wellness company, raised $2.3 million. More
Echo, a UK digital health company that makes a medication management app, raised $2.24 million. More
PatientBank, an online medical record sharing system, raised $2.2 million. More
Arthro Therapeutics, which is developing a digital therapy for arthritis, raised $2.2 million. More
Kinematix, makers of a shoe-based activity-tracking coaching service, raised $2.15 million. More
First Stop Health, a telemedicine company, raised $2.1 million. More
PeerWell raised $2.1 million for Prehab, their surgery preparation app. More
Simple Contacts, which offers an app-based contact prescription renewal service, raised $2 million. More
Bivarus raised $2 million for their patient experience analytics program. More
Garwood Medical, which is developing a connected wound healing system, raised $2 million. More
Wellth, which creates incentives through insurers for people to make healthier choices, raised $2 million. More
GoodParents, makers of a children’s health wearable, raised $2 million. More
Palo Alto Health Sciences raised $1.9 million for their FDA-cleared, sensor tablet based system for panic disorders. More
Constant Therapy, which makes a mobile-enabled brain rehabilitation tool, raised $1.96 million. More
Regroup Therapy, a remote behavioral health provider network, raised $1.8 million. More
3Derm, a teledermatology provider, raised $1.66 million. More
D-Eye, a smartphone-based retinal imaging system, raised $1.6 million. More
iBeat, a startup working on a heart monitoring wearable, raised $1.5 million. More
Intent Solutions raised $1.5 million for its connected device aimed at medication adherence and abuse prevention. More
Noble.MD, which makes digital health risk assessment tools, raised $1.45 million. More
NexHealth raised $1.5 million for its appointment-booking app. More
Medella Health, which is working on a glucose-sensing contact lens, raised $1.4 million. More
NeuroCog Trials got a $14 million grant for its iPad-based cognitive assessment test. More
Sansoro Health, a health IT firm focused on interoperability that offers, among other things, software to integrate digital health tools with electronic health records, raised $1.2 million. More
QueueDr, which makes a platform to help doctors fill last minute cancellations, raised $1.2 million. More
Moving Analytics, which offers an app-enabled cardiac rehab program, raised $1.1 million. More
HealthBeach, makers of a medication adherence tracking needle disposal container, raised $1.1 million. MoreWorkit Health, a startup focused on digital counseling for substance abuse, raised $1.1 million. More
Quio, which makes a connected drug injector, raised $1.05 million. More
Satchel, a company that uses connected devices to provide telehealth offerings to post-acute care providers, has raised just over $1 million. More
RetraceHealth, which conducts primary care house calls and video visits, raised $1 million. More
OW Health, which makes period-tracking app Flo, raised $1 million. More
Rapid Healthcare, which makes apps for NICU infant feeding, raised $1 million. More
Doctify raised $1 million for its online healthcare-booking platform. More
Intellirod Spine, which makes wireless sensors for spine implants, raised $1 million. More

Deals under $1 million and undisclosed

Medaxion, which makes a mobile-based anesthesiology EHR, raised $750,000. More
MedCrypt, a security service for connected medical devices, raised $750,000. More
RubiconMD raised $750,000 for its digital consultation platform for physicians and clinicians. More
mPulse Mobile, a secure text messaging company, raised $725,000. More
EnsoData, which makes sleep analysis software, raised $550,000. More
MedMinder, a connected pillbox company, raised $500,000. More
Thrive Feeding raised $500,000 for their smart baby bottle. More
Wizdry, an app maker formerly known as Wellapets, raised $300,000. More
Quantified Care, makers of a mobile monitoring platform, raised an undisclosed amount. More
SilverVue raised an undisclosed amount of money for its post-acute carefinder app. More
Evariant, which makes a healthcare analytics platform for doctors and clinicians, raised an undisclosed sum form McKesson and Salesforce. More
PokitDoc, which offers a healthcare price comparison tool and API-based tools for healthcare developers, has raised an undisclosed sum from McKesson Ventures. More
Lab Sensor Solutions raised an undisclosed sum for their “sensors as a service” system for labs and hospitals. More
NovioSense, a Dutch company developing a smartphone-connected tear-based glucose sensor that sits in the lower eyelid, secured an undisclosed amount of new funding. More 
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