American Well to shine HIMSS18 spotlight on partners as it slides into connector role

By Jonah Comstock
12:38 pm

At the HIMSS global conference, technology companies tend to use the gathering as an excuse to show off the latest features and advancements of their platform. But American Well co-CEO Ido Schoenberg says that the telehealth company is pointing that spotlight elsewhere.

“What you’re going to see at HIMSS is we are really showcasing the enormous partners and clients that are developing on American Well," he told MobiHealthNews. "So if you’re an employer and you can see all those great clinical facilities that are accessible, all those payers that are able to finance transactions through American Well, the big players like Samsung and others that are doing wonderful things, the great work that Apple is doing with Stanford, and so on, you begin to understand the power of connectivity.”

American Well has long been known as a purveyor of video visits, uttered in the same breath as Teladoc, Doctor on Demand, or MDLive. But Schoenberg said the company has for some time been laying the groundwork to pull back from that focused mission and establish itself more broadly as a connector technology that will help various stakeholders in healthcare work together remotely. And this is important because Schoenberg sees healthcare as being on the cusp of a major paradigm shift enabled by connected technology.

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“I’m not sure this revolution is going to be any smaller than the dot com revolution or the PC revolution,” Schoenberg said. “So we’re not trying to take sides. We don’t know exactly where all this will land. We’re trying to focus on something really simple, which is, in order for this to happen it’s very clear to us that it is collaborative. No one company can own the solution. That will never happen. There’s just too much. … We have a very simple and clear order. We are going to create the best interface and the best technology so each one of those marvelous players can focus on what they do best and not spend time on other things.”

Schoenberg said the company’s goal is to be as ubiquitous and invisible as Oracle, connecting hospitals, insurers, employers, and consumer-facing tech companies like Apple and Samsung, all for the purpose of delivering healthcare anywhere.

“People talked for many years about connected health,” he said. “It’s here. It’s really happening, it’s going to do a fantastic service for patients, and it’s going to be amazing for doctors, because it’s completely changing the game.”

American Well will be at booth 1038 at HIMSS18 at the Venetian in Las Vegas.


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