Amerigroup offers LiveHealth's telemedicine to members and more digital health deals

By Dave Muoio
03:48 pm

All five of Amerigroup’s Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas will be offering its members free telemedicine consultations throughout 2018 through LiveHealth Online’s web and app-based service. The service connects members with board-certified doctors and licensed therapists 24-7, and supports easy prescription through members’ local pharmacies.

“LiveHealth Online can be a great option for consumers in a number of situations where access to a clinician is usually somewhat difficult, including evenings and weekends, for people living in rural areas, those who travel a lot, and those with mobility issues,” Josh Martin, president of Amerigroup’s Medicare West region, said in a statement. “Giving our Amerigroup Medicare Advantage members access to LiveHealth Online is another way we strive to help consumers find solutions to their everyday health care challenges.”

Westmed Medical Group has rolled out Bridge Patient Portal’s updated platform and Universe mHealth App within its 13 multi-specialty medical practices. The platform will allow Westmed’s patients to securely access their clinical information and manage their online billing across a unified platform, regardless of device. The Universe mHealth app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, also handles prescription refill requests, appointment management and reminders, patient-physician messaging, and lab result delivery.

"These tools, which are consumer-centric, will provide patients with a way to actively participate in their own health and wellness," Merin Joseph, Westmed Medical Group's chief information officer, said in a statement. "The patient app especially will be convenient, enabling them to communicate with their providers at a time and place they choose, and it will activate high patient engagement levels." 

RoyalMD’s web and mobile physician portal has been deployed across Regional Medical Imaging’s centers. The platform allows physicians to enter and track their imaging orders, view the status of ordered exams, and receive notifications throughout a patient’s progress. In addition, physicians are delivered the test through RoyalMD’s service, can manipulate images along with radiologists, and can communicate directly to other team members through the mobile app or online.

“RoyalMD enables our company to offer referring physicians a powerful tool for managing patient exams,” Regional Medial Imaging CEO and co-owner Dr. Randy Hicks, said in a press release. “Its ability to track orders, exam status, see patient flow, receive reports and images and securely communicate, has been met with enthusiasm by the referrers now using it.”


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