Apple stores now selling Qardio's smart blood pressure cuff

By Heather Mack
06:08 pm

Apple stores around the world and online are now selling the FDA-cleared smart blood pressure monitor from San Francisco-based wearable maker Qardio, marking the latest development in the digital health company’s ongoing relationship with the tech retail giant.

The QardioArm, which received FDA clearance in 2014, was an early integrator with Apple Health, as well as with the Apple Watch. The device runs $99 and works with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The two companies share some of the same sensibilities on consumer technology products – melding sleek design with approachable user interfaces.

“We’re thrilled to expand our global retail presence in collaboration with such a visionary retailer,” Qardio Chief Business Officer Alexis Zervoglos said in a statement. “We share with Apple an absolute belief that purity of design coupled with technological innovation drives change, as we focus on creating beautiful, accessible products that lead to a healthier world without compromising lifestyle."

Qardio, which debuted its blood pressure and heart rate monitor at CES in 2014, aims to not only be accurate, but also beautiful, so that it fits into the user’s daily life. According to Qardio, the device doesn’t look like a blood pressure monitor, which means users can carry it around in their purse or pocket without drawing attention to it. In fact, developers tried to make it look more like a notebook so that it looks like other items that potential users would carry around in their bag.

Qardio’s other devices include a wireless scale and the QardioMD dashboard for doctors. At CES, Qardio launched its wearable ECG monitor called QardioCore, which uses the company’s proprietary sensor technology that records more than 20 million data points that stream to a companion smartphone app.  The data can be shared with medical profesionals. The strap is worn around the chest and records continuous ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, temperature and activity data, and the strap can also work alongside Qardio’s other products.


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