Apple's 12 picks for diabetes management apps, 2017 edition

By Jonah Comstock

Accu-Check Connect Diabetes Management App: This is the companion app for Roche’s Accu-Check glucometers. The app takes in data from Accu-Chek wireless glucometers and also includes an insulin dose calculator for users with a prescription. The app also integrates with Apple Health to help users log meals, insulin, exercise, medications, blood glucose, weight, blood pressure, and more in the app’s logbook.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal: MyFitnessPal, which has been owned by Under Armour since early 2015, is a well-known and well-regarded app for tracking diet and exercise. It includes a database of more than 5,000,000 foods and connects with more than 50 apps and devices for tracking fitness. The app also includes a built-in activity tracker. It’s free, but the premium option costs $9.99 per month. Like Lose It!, this app is probably included on Apple’s diabetes list because tracking diet is an important part of managing diabetes.

GlucoSuccess: A ResearchKit study from Massachusetts General Hospital, GlucoSuccess aims to help people with diabetes learn how their behaviors affect their health. Participants track activity duration and intensity, diet information, blood glucose measurements, body weight and waist size, as well as glucose readings and diet information. Using this data, GlucoSuccess has been able to provide users with insights into how their fitness and nutrition data relate to finger-stick blood glucose values.

HelpAround Diabetes: HelpAround provides its Android and iPhone app users with a local support group of nearby helpers who could be of assistance if, say, a person with Type 1 diabetes shares in the app's forum that they don't have their supplies, are feeling a bit off, and need someone to help them out with a test strip, glucose tab, or even operating a Glucagon injection. We wrote about the Israeli startup behind HelpAround back in 2014.