Apple's Health app will soon help direct users to third party health, wellness apps

By Aditi Pai

Apple has released a preview for the new version of iOS, 9.3, which will feature updates across a number of Apple’s own apps, including Health.

Part of the update to Health will be a new slider menu that allows users to find third party apps to help them track certain metrics in Health. These slider menus will be available for a number of categories including weight, workouts, and sleep. When when a user goes into the weight section, they will see suggestions to download apps like Calorie Counter, Lose It!, Health Mate, Mayo Clinic, and iHealth MyVitals.

The Health app will also show the user their move, exercise, and stand data as well as their goals from the Apple Watch.

The Apple Notes app also has a new health-related feature. In iOS 9.3 users will be able to store private information in Notes with a fingerprint or password protected lock on the data.

“Now you can secure the notes that contain your most personal data — such as financial details, medical info, or website logins — with a password or fingerprint,” the company explained.

Another feature the Apple has added to the new version of iOS, called Night Shift, focuses on sleep. The company explained that a number of studies have shown exposure to blue light before bed can impact a user’s circadian rhythms. In iOS 9.3, the iPhone will use geolocation and the clock to calculate the approximate time of sunset and then automatically change the phone’s display to warmer colors.

Apple also seems to be hiring more biomedical engineers, according to BuzzFeed. In December, Apple posted a listing for a biomedical research and development engineer in health tech. And this month, Apple posted a listing for a biomedical studies engineer in health technology.